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High Growth Impact Programmes for Ethnic Minority Business (EMBs)

We recognise that every business is unique, faced with your own set of needs and challenges, so we've put together the best business support offer for every stage of your business. 

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Why are Black businesses important to our supply chain

When we think about racial injustices and misrepresentations, we often think about it as an individual problem. But misrepresentation is also embedded in the systems we create in order to organise ourselves—the ways we do business, the laws that govern us, and even the products we buy and sell.

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MSDUK's 2022 End of Year Review: The Highlights

In 2023, we expect our growth to continue, with a focus on building a stronger community within our network and fostering partnerships with other business networks and diversity groups so that everyone can come together under one goal. Check out some of the MSDUK highlights this year!

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What is Supplier Diversity?

Are you new to supplier diversity? Or have you ever wondered what the term ‘supplier diversity’ means and how it can affect your business and the global economy?

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Investing and developing of ethnic minority businesses can help them scale-up. This sits at the heart of MSDUK’s long term strategy. Our corporate members invest over £1m every year to offer certified ethnic minority businesses scholarships and funding to access world-class leadership and business growth programmes delivered by world class business schools and industry experts. All our learning and development programme are completely free to all certified EMBs. 

All our programmes have practical applications and you'll benefit from world-class knowledge, experts and connections, peer-to-peer learning and you will join the MSDUK Alumni network accessing exclusive opportunities. 

All business stages


MSDUK’s Innovation Challenge champions non-white ethnic minority entrepreneurs from the UK to showcase their unique, innovative, and ground-breaking products and services to our network of global corporates and supplier diversity advocates. The winner will walk away with a £20,000 cash prize, a digital out-of-home advertising campaign and 1-2-1 corporate mentoring.

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Startup & Scaleup 


Are you a non-white ethnic minority B2B business that can provide their products or services to a corporate? MSDUK Accelerator is a four-month programme designed to help your business succeed. You'll be running experiments to validate your business assumptions. You'll be building relationships with the ecosystem and you'll be meeting the MSDUK corporate network.

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MSDUK Building Business Leaders of the Future | Applications Opening Soon

Leadership Programme for ambitious Non-white Ethnic Minority Business Owners. Everyone is talking about ‘leadership’, but what does it mean? What makes a good leader? What is the link between leadership and innovation? Can leaders create wealth and promote social responsibility? And how important is good leadership to working with large corporations?

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MSDUK Building a High Growth Performing Minority Business | Residential Programme

Have you got an ambitious growth plan? Do you want to build a successful business by learning from world class business school’s faculty and global entrepreneurs? MSDUK is delighted to bring together experts and practitioners from Ivy League’s Tuck School of Business, USA to deliver a high-impact residential programmes where you will focus on strategy implementation to drive results, leverage the value chain, and improve the bottom line. The program is designed for owners of diverse business who are committed to advancing their business capabilities, and helps owners sharpen their business strategy.

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Corporate Programmes

What our members say 

“The MSDUK Innovation Challenge not only helped me personally; but included Kapsule in a supportive community. In that community we found our assumptions challenged, ideas stress tested, and received invaluable advice. That's the power of #Diversity!”

David Chen, Co-CEO - Kapsule

“Without MSDUK it would probably be a lot harder in terms of business-to-business sales functions because MSDUK gave us access to get our first client, Enterprise Rent-a-Car and from there we were able to snowball."

Julie Chen, Founder & CEO - The Cheeky Panda