Accelerating Success: Discover the benefits with MSDUK Accelerator Programme, Cohort 4

The MSDUK Accelerator is a 4-month intensive programme to develop Business-to-Business (B2B) ethnic minority-owned ventures. Our programme helps businesses validate key assumptions around their service/product and, we connect them with the ethnic minority business ecosystem and provide insights into corporate procurement practises.  

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Since our launch, we supported 88 founders in growing their businesses. What can we do for you?  Here are four benefits of the MSDUK Accelerator.  

1. Experiential Learning & Growth Mindset: A Catalyst for Growth 

The MSDUK Accelerator understands that entrepreneurship is not just about ideas; it’s about action. The programme emphasizes the importance of experiential learning, where you will be encouraged to apply your knowledge and insights in real-world scenarios. The primary advantage of being in the programme is the rapid implementation of learning. You won’t just passively absorb knowledge; you will actively apply it, making immediate operational changes. This results in tangible real-life outcomes by the end of the program, showcasing the true value of experiential learning. This approach not only validates assumptions but also provides new perspectives and innovative solutions to old challenges.  

“MSDUK Accelerator = Large doses of gold dust learning! Comprehensive, with lifelong learning and tools, guides, and templates”  

Ranjit Ghosal, One Million Steps, Cohort 2.

2. Masterclasses and Guest Workshops: A Supportive Ecosystem 

Throughout the MSDUK Accelerator Programme, you will participate in a series of sessions designed to assist you on your entrepreneurial journey. Each of 5 learning modules last three weeks. In the first week, expert facilitators will lead masterclasses, and you’ll attend three 1.5-hour workshops. In the second week, you can take advantage of online office hours with facilitators to get your questions answered, along with securing 1-on-1 support from our experts in residence. You’ll also attend guest workshops covering topics like PR, no-code solutions for SMEs, and tendering to provide additional insights. During the third week, you can participate in Feedback Fridays to reflect on your progress and attend mentor meetings, where mentors dedicate 1-2 hours monthly to support your growth. 

“Facilitators on the programme have been extremely supportive; they worked with me on a one-to-one basis to refine my customer validation strategy. As a result, I asked more relevant questions and felt more confident with the customer interviews which meant the company may pay for a pilot with us.”

Pinky Ghadiali, Founder,, Cohort 1 

3. Long Term Support: MSDUK Certification 

Enjoy a one-year free membership with MSDUK to provide ongoing support long after the programme’s completion. Certification as an ethnic minority business is now more important than ever for corporates to track their spending on diverse suppliers. MSDUK certification is the most trusted by corporates and can provide a competitive advantage for your business. As well as MSDUK Certification, MSDUK membership provides you with a ticket to the majority of our events. Our events are the perfect opportunities for you to connect with our corporate network.  Access our Community Platform to learn, share, and collaborate with fellow founders, discovering new opportunities for business growth within our ecosystem.   

“A step ahead to help EMB minorities in the competitive world.”

Tarun Kumar, DataGardener Solutions, Cohort 3 

4. Community-Driven Excellence: The Power of the MSDUK Accelerator Community 

The MSDUK Accelerator goes beyond being just a 4-month programme; upon graduation, you enter a thriving community. The Accelerator community provides a sense of camaraderie, reminding founders they’re not alone on their entrepreneurial journey. Through mutual support, sharing of experiences, and collaboration, our community transcends geographic and industry boundaries.  

“Being part of a community of talented and tenacious business owners is beneficial to all; the insight and inspiration that can be gained through osmosis and conversation is so beneficial. The MSDUK cohort is filled with incredible founders!”

Subira Jones, MPWRD Consulting, Cohort 3. 

“Without MSDUK it would probably be a lot harder in terms of business-to-business sales functions because MSDUK gave us access to get our first client, Enterprise Rent-a-Car and from there we were able to snowball.”

Julie Chen



An Introduction to MSDUK.

“The MSDUK Innovation Challenge not only helped me personally; but included Kapsule in a supportive community. In that community we found our assumptions challenged, ideas stress tested, and received invaluable advice. That’s the power of #Diversity!”

David Chen


Corporate Members

Since 2006, we have been at the forefront of driving the supplier diversity movement in the UK. Align with organisations dedicated to supplier diversity and become a part of the MSDUK community. As a member, you will connect with a network of corporate leaders who, are committed to empowering ethnic minority businesses. The companies below represent just a glimpse of our extensive corporate network.

T. +44 (0) 116 2532520

E. [email protected]

A. Studio 5, Phoenix Square,
     3 Burton Street, Leicester LE1 1TB UK

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