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Welcome to MSDUK.

Are you an Ethnic Minority Business looking to grow and connect with global brands? Or a young founder with innovative ideas?

We offer free development and high-growth programmes, access to investors, mentors, and certification as an EMB – a recognised status that opens doors for your business.

Join our community of entrepreneurs and buyers from 100+ global and British companies to unlock your full potential.

We will open multiple doors for you, introducing you to people that are interested in knowing and doing business with you. We will support you through our  accelerator and high-growth programmes delivered by some of the world’s best business schools.

If you are a young aspiring founder, we will help you make your dream a reality by connecting you to investors, mentors and the corporate world.


Business Membership Benefits

For an annual membership fee of £300+ VAT, we offer all ethnic minority businesses access to a comprehensive suite of benefits to grow and develop their business.


Industry recognised Ethnic Minority Business Certification

Access to business opportunities

Access to a range of networking events exclusively for Certified EMBs

Discounted tickets to Business Diversity Connect

Grow your business globally 

Bring your innovative products, ideas and solutions to life

Access to world class leadership programmes to scale up your business

Brand visibility and opportunities to showcase your business

For more information, download our  Membership Pack

Certification for Ethnic Minority Businesses

Certification for 

Ethnic Minority Businesses

MSDUK helps sustain and grow ethnic minority  businesses (EMBs) in the UK through its official

Certification, a status recognised by the industry which will open new doors for your business.


Your Business is a profit for enterprise

The business is physically located in the UK. It must be registered and found at Companies House to verify that the business operates under UK Company Law.

The Business is at least 51% owned by individual/s of a non-white ethnic origin

The Non-White ethnic minority owner(s) of the business are UK citizens or have an indefinite leave to remain the UK or any other visa that leads to the ILR.

The non-white minority/ethnic owner(s) of the business must be active in management and daily business operations 

Certification for Freelancers

MSDUK becomes the first supplier diversity advocacy organisation in the world

to establish and launch a formal certification process to certify self employed

freelancers of non-white ethnic minority background in the UK.

This certification is completely FREE for freelancers.


Certify your freelance business with MSDUK and join a community of trailblazers.

As a non-white ethnic minority freelancer, your unique voice is crucial to creating a more inclusive economy.

We offer free certification to UK citizens and taxpayers who meet our criteria.

Join us today and unlock new  opportunities for growth and success.



Diversity helps
supply chains become
more competitive,
agile and profitable.


MSDUK B2B Directory

As a certified EMB, you’ll join a powerful community of UK-based businesses with a collective annual turnover of over £700m. Connect and do business with other EMBs in the network to access new opportunities and achieve your growth goals together. Join us now and take your business to the next level.


Experience the power of connection and open doors to new opportunities at our events, both online and in-person. With exclusive events, our members have unparalleled access to build their networks and drive business growth.

Business Development Programmes

Our accelerator and high-growth programmes provide businesses with the tools they need to flourish sustainably. Unlock your full potential with our programmes today.

The MSDUK community is important for the wider business space, giving a platform for minority businesses to get exposure is important for closing gaps in society and helping people that have amazing businesses.

Dupe Burgess

Bloomful, Founder & CEO

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    Corporate Members

    Since 2006, we have been at the forefront of driving the supplier diversity movement in the UK. Align with organisations dedicated to supplier diversity and become a part of the MSDUK community. As a member, you will connect with a network of corporate leaders who, are committed to empowering ethnic minority businesses. The companies below represent just a glimpse of our extensive corporate network.

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    A. Studio 5, Phoenix Square,
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