Up till now our client used PDFs to share the industries progress. This is sent to the business leaders globally. The industry’s quarterly results need to be shared in an engaging way, showing successes, business wins and tracking revenue against target. There is no tracking to see if these are read and shared beyond the original 18 recipients – this usage data is now also important to track.


Our Solution

As this is a business report the information had to be quick and easy to get to. We created a digital presentation that could be shared easily. The user chooses the industry they are interested in, but also has the ability to view other industries (creating a little competition) and see how one is doing against another. Each industry has an introduction from the global leader. After reviewing user data we added more functionality for quarter 2 we have: the user can see revenue split by region (interactive map) as well as by industry (animated pie charts). A video from the global leader gives a quick over view of the industries. We can share with our client exact user data: number of total views, number of page views, time spent on each page, the order pages are viewed.

View it here.

The result

Unprecedented numbers of interactions (13,462 page views from 640 unique visitors). Each quarter we review the usage data and work with our client to improve the content to get more interactions.


“Working with Curiousagency has been brilliant, they have taken our internal global reporting scorecard and lifted it to the next level. The first scorecard issued had 13,462 view and 640 unique visitors. With the help of the designers and their great input we were able to create a product, which people love and I have had people from around the world asking me whether they can have something similar. The great design allows the content to speak for itself in an engaging and easy to consume, which is due to the great work of Nish and the team. Thank you for all your hard work and your contribution”.

Tina Boye Dias
Manager, Global Industries
Grant Thornton International

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