15 Feb 2022

The World is an Oyster for Micro-Fresh.


At Micro-Fresh®, we started from humble beginnings, and after working overseas for Danish shoe brand ECCO, I returned to the UK and created the winning formula you see today as Micro-Fresh®.

Micro-Fresh® is a British made, a smart antimicrobial technology containing natural active ingredients to block the growth and spread of pathogenic and odour-causing bacteria, which can be applied to almost any product. Its practical and long-lasting 'triple-action treatment also inhibits mould, preserves freshness and provides confidence at every stage of the supply chain.

Global goals

We've always had a strong vision guided by the mantra, "Why not?". Our vision is to be globally recognised by brand owners and users. But one of the challenges is that I started Micro-Fresh®, and I'm not a businessman; I'm just a chemist. So, I didn't have the strategic business knowledge to take the business forward and know how to get the right people around me.

I heard about MSDUK through a connection at East Midlands Business back in 2009, and we took no time signing up.

A shared vision 

Joining MSDUK 12 years ago was a key milestone for our business as it exposed us to professionals and procurement processes.  This broadened our experience and understanding of working with larger corporations and the process of working differently; for example, it's not generally just a one-on-one conversation; you have to convince a lot of different stakeholders, so it's a much longer game.  This means that sometimes you'll tender but not get selected, and there's a lot of patience needed.   But, once you understand the processes, the rewards are great.

Conquering continents

One way in which MSDUK has helped us is by widening our network of people. So, we have more networking partners, more people around us who share our vision and values, like our suppliers and customers.   

MSDUK has supported us in our journey to take our brand global.  They have opened doors for us in the USA and helped us get out there to meet people.  This has realised our vision to expand to the USA, and we are growing steadily towards our vision of being a globally recognised brand in antimicrobials; the world is our oyster!  

If you're thinking of signing up to MSDUK

I would say prepare yourself as a business.  Spend time behind the scenes making sure that you look and are professional with all the correct certifications and insurances in place.  When you work with larger corporations, they carry out in-depth due diligence, and it will help save you time and effort in the future if you have this in place from the outset.  But, without a doubt, investigate and see how MSDUK could help your business as it has been great for us.

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