Ethnic Minority Owned Business works with international microscope distributor

22 Feb 2022

Incepteo a longstanding MSDUK member, worked with an international microscope distributor with main markets most notably in China, Korea, Japan, Russia, and many more. 90%+ of the company’s sales are outside the UK. They have a strong optical and digital product range designed with ergonomics as a philosophy along with patented technology.

Incepteo was selected as a website regeneration technology partner to re-design & develop 14 websites to WordPress to improve page performance whilst taking into account the global nature of their customer base. 

The Challenges

Their team recognised that each region has different local cultural requirements and thus also needed adaptations for their landing pages. Incepteo met the challenge of the company's multinational customer base head-on and worked diligently to convert the same message cross-culturally. The message was transformed into website content relatable to all customers around the world.

Another challenge that needed to be dealt with was the need for this new platform to be future proof in a way that the previous website was not. Our team was to build a future proof website that supported the direction & growth of the business for the next 10 - 15 years. 

The Team & Project Management

The project was multidimensional and required a combination of skills & activities from our team for the initial plan, execution and completion. 

We began with an extensive discovery workshop process, whereby a thorough understanding of the companies business goals, brand vision and customer expectations were built. This was a crucial step in building a website that would face challenges highlighted by their team.

Our team then shared a strategy document with their key project members, before delving into a prototype covering the user stories before designing and executing the project. 

Incepteo chose an incremental approach wherein the three highest-trafficking websites were finished first with the remainder localised sites delivered as batches in 3-week cycles. There was also a four-week hyper care period post going live before formally handing over to the support team.



The Results

We collectively developed websites that boasted faster page loading speeds (from minutes to seconds) with new and audience relevant content. The project was during the COVID-19 pandemic, despite this complication our team adapted and met each of the core deliverables and delivered the project at speed. 

The Marketing Communication Manager said of the project with Incepteo that: ‘It was very obvious that each member of the organisation who worked on our project wanted our project to succeed’

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About Incepteo 

Incepteo is an ISO27100 certified and trusted technology partner delivering application development, website & mobile app development, as well as software product development. With a mission to fix the low project success rate across the technology sector, we invest quality time in discovery, strategy & UX/Tech design to bring assurance into every project.