zsah becomes a vital weapon in the war on GDPR.


The war between most companies and public-sector organisations and GDPR has reached its peak lately, with many making it over the 25th May finishing line.

Up until recently, GDPR was the clear winner in this battle, with many CEO’s quivering in fear as GDPR dominated their workload, leaving the rest of their organisation stranded.

However, the sides soon equalised and organisations were able to return to their day to day business, leaving the stress of the GDPR battle behind them.

How? They changed their strategy.

Rather than focusing on the daunting task of ensuring their entire organisation was compliant, they shifted their focus and chose to protect one key aspect, their email.

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Like any good strategy, they had to review where others, like them, had fallen. Some of the most famous recent cases of data breaches have happened through email. This included recent high-profile cases such as Age UK’s breach that compromised up to 5,000 of their employees. Age UK’s breach happened because an employee sent out sensitive data to a non-secure email address.

Similarly, The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea were fined £120,000 by the ICO because they accidentally identified 943 people who owned vacant properties in the borough via an email attachment.

In fact, according to Osterman research, 74% of a company’s intellectual property resides in an email or attachment, making email the hardest to justify not protecting.

With resources running low and time running short, organisations played their trump card and used zsah’s Secure Email Gateway as the main weapon to secure private email data.

zsah’s Secure Email Gateway combines award winning email gateway software with GDPR policies enabled, along with the full email encryption service, to offer protection on their entire email.

The protection includes (but is not limited to) PDF attachments, inbound attacks, outbound accidental data loss, password protection and offers a secure way to send any commercially sensitive information using encryption, even if the person receiving the email doesn’t have encrypted email their side! (More information: www.zsah.net/gdpr-ready)

However, the technology and software within zsah’s GDPR busting solution was not the only thing that made it so effective. At only £120, per user/per year (+VAT), the solution was low cost enough and therefore further enabled organisations to get back to day to day normality, in the aftermath of the GDPR war. Organisations were up and running within the hour (installation only took a matter of minutes as it’s cloud based) and it did not affect the smooth running of their current email system. The service works with all major email providers, such as Office 365, Microsoft Exchange, and G Suite, Notes for Business.

It’s not too late, GDPR has not won yet.

If you want to join the many organisations that use zsah’s email gateway as the ultimate weapon in the fight for GDPR compliance, then call us today on 020 7060 6032, or email hello@zsah.net

Good luck!


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