UK EMB Delegation attending NMSDC Conference in San Diego

Picture 8As the NMSDC conference approaches a UK delegation of Ethnic Minority Business (EMBs) led by Minority Supplier Development UK (MSDUK) will be taking part in what is the biggest event dedicated to the development and support of ethnic minority businesses this calendar year.

The UK delegation will be represented by a number of innovative EMBs and corporate member’s part of the MSDUK network and they will be attending the NMSDC Annual Conference in San Diego USA between 17th -22nd October 2015.

MSDUK is proud to be part of NMSDC’s Global-Link network of affiliates and continues to work with global and British corporations in making supply chain diversity and inclusion part of their everyday business. In today’s interconnected world of business and commerce, minority businesses have even greater opportunities to grow faster and become global business leaders.

Over the last eight years MSDUK has become central to the growth and success of EMBs in the UK, connecting them to a comprehensive supply chain ecosystem, supporting them in their business and personal development through educational and mentoring programmes, and promoting B2B collaboration both nationally and internationally.

The UK Delegation and the individual EMBs that are part of it aspire to expand their business globally and are looking for partners and clients not only in the US but across NMSDC’s global link affiliated countries like Canada, South Africa, China and Australia.

Visit MSDUK and the Delegation at Booth 335 at the Business Opportunity Fair on 19th October, or email us to arrange a one to one meeting during our stay.

EMBs and Corporate Members attending the NMSDC Conference