Octavian IT prioritise business email security and upgrade its Cyber security arsenal with MailProtect

Octavian IT image

Last month, Octavian IT boosted its Cyber Security arsenal by upgrading their email security filtering service offering, MailProtect.

MailProtect blocks over 99.9% of spam, viruses, malware and other email threats. Octavian provide advanced email security for businesses without making it complicated. Unsolicited emails, phishing attempts, spoofing and illicit content are just some of the categories of unwanted email that MailProtect blocks.

Hundreds of advanced tests scan every email separating unwanted email and security threats from legitimate email. MailProtect keeps learning too, becoming more resilient over time, continuously improving its protection.

Dual anti-virus protection means its protection is twice as effective against the threat of viruses that are circulated via email. MailProtect has two on-board virus detection engines that constantly scan in bound mail for malware and viruses.

MailProtect is now a dedicated cloud service, so no onsite infrastructure or hardware is required.

This upgrade allows Octavian to provide extremely effective and tailored email filtering to their clients.

They chose to invest into this upgrade to ensure that their clients are as safe as possible and that they are able to tailor the service to exact requirements allowing them to work the security around critical business processes and not hinder a business and its employees from concentrating on their main roles.

With the new GDPR regulations coming into place next year, plus the fact that email is one of the major vulnerability points to a network, business email security needs to be a priority and Octavian are addressing this.

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