19 Jul 2022


Innovation is the lifeblood of every company, and many companies are increasingly looking to diverse suppliers as new sources of innovation! Diverse suppliers are often more agile, adaptable to changing markets, or capable of providing niche skills and services that larger suppliers cannot replicate. In short, these businesses can act as sources of innovation.

On that note, we are extremely excited to announce the finalists for the MSDUK 2022 Innovation Challenge! Join us Live at the MSDUK 2022 Conference and Awards to find out who will be taking home the grand prize of £20,000!

Innovation Challenge

The aim of the MSDUK Innovation Challenge is to attract the best and most innovative minority-owned businesses to find sustainable solutions for our corporate members. This year’s Innovation Challenge theme is Corporate Sustainability.

The 2022 Innovation Challenge competition has been a ferocious one, with over 100 entries across 3 categories received overall. The three categories are:

Social Category Sponsored by GSK: Solutions that promote health, safety, and wellbeing for employees, customers, or communities of a corporate.

Economic Category Sponsored by EY: Helping corporates increase business efficiencies through sustainable practices.

Environmental Category Sponsored by Cummins: Products, services, or solutions that can help corporates be more environmentally conscious.

We were blown away by the variety and number of high-quality submissions we received. It was extremely difficult choosing our finalists. Finally, we were able to pick out 9 innovative businesses to compete for a staggering £20,000 cash prize and a place in Accenture Mentoring Programme. These businesses are differentiating themselves from their competitors with disruptive technologies, fresh perspectives, and cutting-edge solutions.

“It is incredible to see how our 9 finalists are already contributing to a more sustainable future with their innovative and unique solutions. They’ll be pitching at our in-person conference on 8th September in London. I cannot wait to see them all pitch their business solutions that tackle key issues including waste management, recycling, skills development, patient healthcare and educational technology.” Kamila Rafiqi, Innovation Challenge Manager.

MSDUK would like to thank the headline sponsor Accenture and category sponsors Cummins, EY and GSK for supporting this year’s competition. The growth and popularity of the MSDUK Innovation Challenge would not have been possible without your continuous support.


You can find a summary of our finalists below!

Social Category

Aergo Health is helping people around the world to live life to their fullest potential by offering smart solutions for managing posture. The Aergo PS, uses air cell technology to create a dynamic postural seating system for young wheelchair users who require additional postural support.

Connect Care is a young and well-funded start-up. They use digital tools and actionable insights, to encourage patients to manage their medications and enable carers and clinicians to optimise their patients’ treatment regimes in real-time.

Charco Neurotech has successfully launched The ‘CUE1’ which is a non-invasive, wearable, medical device for people with Parkinson’s, to improve movement and quality of life.

Economic Category 

Kweevo, a Microsoft for Start-ups Partner, is a SaaS analytics platform designed to help businesses generate insights quickly, unlock more value from their data, and make informed decisions.

UpSkill Digital is a digital skills training agency creating a fresh and dynamic approach to training across the world. They offer tailored comprehensive digital modules on digital marketing, Google Analytics, social strategy, G Suite for work and many more.

FullSpektrum is a new EdTech and digital transformation company, with the mission of providing collaborative, yet holistic solutions for neurodivergent children and young people, including those with Special Educational Needs & Disabilities (SEND).

Environmental Category

ReCyrcle is a deep-tech company committed to solving the problem of packaging waste by introducing advanced waste management and resource recovery systems.

Firstplanit is a digital platform, which is on a mission to rapidly improve health, well-being and sustainability in the built industry. It combines over 80 years of experience, expertise, and tech to bring transparency, equity, and personalisation to every designer, craftsperson and property owner making measuring and reporting positive impacts across 4 scales easy at low cost.

Agave Networks is a platform designed for matching and sharing excess materials for SME manufacturers. Agave Networks mission is to enable the food & beverages manufacturing and production industries to share their excess materials actively. 

You can watch the compelling finale of the 2022 Innovation Challenge LIVE, at the MSDUK 2022 conference and awards. Find out who will be taking home the staggering £20,000 cash prize!

We can’t wait to see you all at our finals! Book your tickets now.