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Unlocking Global Business Growth: Exploring Export Opportunities with MSDUK and DBT Latin America and the Caribbean.

28 Aug 2023

Amidst the determination of numerous companies to expand, it was astonishing to discover how only a few had considered the power of exporting as a pivotal part of their expansion strategy.

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What Is New and Improved at the 2023 Business & Innovation Show?

23 Aug 2023

The achievements from previous years are a testament to the transformative impact this event has on businesses and individuals. As we step into 2023, let's delve into how MSDUK's offering has evolved and improved from its 2022 edition. Let's dive into the exciting changes and improvements we're bringing to the table this year.

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Join Us at the MSDUK Business & Innovation Show for Inspiring Speakers and Thought-Provoking Panel Discussions!

21 Aug 2023

The extraordinary Knowledge Forum with diverse panel discussions offers a vibrant platform with the worlds of knowledge-sharing, networking converges, and limitless possibilities.

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Get to Know some of the Outstanding Exhibitors showcasing their Businesses at the MSDUK Business & Innovation Show

10 Aug 2023

By fostering an environment of growth, partnership, and innovation, the exhibition offers an exceptional platform for EMBs and corporate giants to showcase their brands, connect, unlock countless business opportunities, and thrive.

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Unleashing Potential: Preparing Our Innovation Challenge Finalists for Grand Finale Pitch Success!

30 Jul 2023

MSDUK organised an exclusive Pitch Training Workshop on Tuesday 17th July 2023. With expert guidance from Kaitlin Fritz, this workshop was designed to arm all finalists with the essential skills and insights to deliver successful pitches, setting the stage for an awe-inspiring showcase of innovation and brilliance.

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Why are Black businesses important to our supply chain

When we think about racial injustices and misrepresentations, we often think about it as an individual problem. But misrepresentation is also embedded in the systems we create in order to organise ourselves—the ways we do business, the laws that govern us, and even the products we buy and sell.

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MSDUK's 2022 End of Year Review: The Highlights

In 2023, we expect our growth to continue, with a focus on building a stronger community within our network and fostering partnerships with other business networks and diversity groups so that everyone can come together under one goal. Check out some of the MSDUK highlights this year!

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What is Supplier Diversity?

Are you new to supplier diversity? Or have you ever wondered what the term ‘supplier diversity’ means and how it can affect your business and the global economy?

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