MSDUK supplier shortlisted by RBS in national search for new ‘green’ ideas


An MSDUK member with a new idea for saving energy has been shortlisted for the RBS Innovation Gateway.

Bri-Tek Technologies Ltd submitted its concept for a cost effective commercial dimming solution after RBS called on SMEs to come forward with eco-design ideas for the bank’s 2,500 UK buildings.

Bri-Tek Technologies Ltd is one of the first companies to make it onto the shortlist.

Mohamed Hanslod, CEO at Bri-Tek, said: “We are thrilled to have our concept for a new ‘plug and play dimming’ sensor shortlisted for The RBS Innovation Gateway.”

“Most commercial dimming systems are expensive and require a certified lighting consultant to commission the installation and to make setting adjustments after they go live. Our new sensor can be installed and adjusted without a costly programmer.”

“Our assembly time is also faster, and the new device is compatible with the low voltage constant current LED panels now fitted in most commercial buildings.”

Bri-Tek Techonologies Ltd, which is based in Bolton, was established by fellow director Sakil Kola in 2010. The company employs 13 full time staff, and has achieved exponential growth over the last two years.

Mohamed said: “Getting value for money is a growing area of importance for environmentally conscious clients with commercial and industrial design projects.”

“Our concept for a ‘plug and play dimming’ sensor was developed with ease of use and durability in mind, and it’s great to know that a panel of industry experts have put the idea forward for it to be potentially tested in 2,500 RBS buildings.”

The RBS Innovation Gateway, which is led by Marcela Navarro, Head of Customer Innovation at RBS, has three aims; to help RBS save more energy, water and waste, to nurture new, brilliant innovations and to help local inventors take their ideas to market.

Bri-Tek Techonologies Ltd was one of 140 companies from across the UK who submitted a design concept when the bank launched the project in March this year.

The ‘plug and play dimming’ sensor went before an independent panel of experts put together by RBS, including academics from Cambridge University and business leaders from major companies such as Carillion, who assessed each application and decided which ones had made it onto the shortlist.

Learn more about Bri-Tek Technologies Ltd by visiting the company’s stand at the #MSDUKConference business exhibition in London, on 16th October 2014.