Meet the MSDUK Team

Mayank Shah

Founder & CEO

Mayank is the Founder and CEO of MSDUK. His passion for supplier diversity started in 2002 when he started his PhD in this area and twenty years on, his enthusiasm and commitment to see ethnic minority businesses succeed and corporations be more diverse in their supply chain remains intact. He brings with him nearly 35 years of entrepreneurial experience and is considered a global thought leader on supplier diversity. Mayank is married and his lovely wife Nisha is equally committed to MSDUK helping the team as and when needed. In his free time, he loves visiting their son in Bristol and daughter in Barcelona; he loves cooking and trying to get back to painting. He does think he is very good in table tennis but that needs some testing!

Jean Chawapiwa

Head of Member Services

Jean is the Head of Membership Services, and previously she was Country Director for WEConnect International in South Africa, working with many of the same Corporate Members as MSDUK. Her passion for entrepreneurship development has made Jean very familiar with the global SD&I opportunities and challenges. Jean has also held leadership roles in the mining sector, her last role (2007-2012) was Vice President External Affairs and Communications for Rio Tinto. She has also sat on varied Industry Boards and Chambers of Commerce; she was Chair of Junior Achievement Africa Board from 2015 to 2019.

Bao Tieu

Head of Ventures

Bao is the Head of Ventures at MSDUK. Bao Tieu has been working in enterprise education and supporting startups for over 8 years. He led the entrepreneurship team at UCL Innovation & Enterprise, making the UCL Hatchery startup incubator one of the UK's leading university startup support programmes. Bao joined MSDUK wanting to use his skills and experience to make a difference. His work at MSDUK aims to create new opportunities for ethnic minority entrepreneurs and ventures to realise their full potential by levelling the playing field in enterprise education, support and connections that many don’t have access to. Diversity will always deliver value for all stakeholders and he hopes to contribute to demonstrating this in his own small way.

Seemab Malik

European Supplier Diversity Lead

Seemab is the European Supplier Diversity Lead at MSDUK. She has worked in UK, Canada, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Germany and Dubai. Having begun her legal career working in private practice, she moved to working In-house when she started a family. She joined MSDUK after the events of 2020 had her soul-searching and yearning for a change, a career which was more purpose-driven and now she is driven by progressing the supplier diversity agenda across the UK and Europe. During her free time, she likes to spend time with her five children, husband and travels when possible! She joined MSDUK after the events of 2020 had her soul-searching and yearning for a change, a career which was more purpose-driven and now she is driven by progressing the supplier diversity agenda across the UK and Europe. During her free time, she likes to spend time with her five children, husband and travels when possible!

Ioana Axinte

Head of Programmes & Partnerships

Ioana is the Head of Programmes and Partnerships. At MSDUK, Ioana brings her expertise and knowledge, looking after the development and delivery of high-impact executive education programmes. She is passionate about supporting leaders seeking to take their business to the next level by building capacity to access corporate opportunities. She works with strategic partners ensuring there is an integrated ecosystem of support for our community of ethnic minority businesses. Ioana joined MSDUK because she believes that supplier diversity can be a catalyst for positive change not only for corporate organisations but also for small businesses and their communities all over the world. In her spare time, Ioana loves learning, always looking out for good business books to read or taking part in online courses, travelling and working out.

Preena Tailor

MSDUK Events Manager

Preena is the MSDUK Events Manager. With a passion of working with people, she delivers all MSDUK activities and events from planning to execution. Preena joined MSDUK to help contribute to the MSDUK mission of diversifying the Corporate Business Supply chain and help raise more awareness about Supplier Diversity. Following a saying of her spiritual leader, ‘In the joy of others lies our own’, Preena works hard to make a positive impact and bring the best out of everything she does. Preena’s hobbies include all things fun and creative like singing, dancing, designing and planning. Preena enjoys socialising and loves being around friends and family.

Janani Prasad

Digital Transformation Manager

Janani is MSDUK’s Digital Transformation Manager, with over 8+ years of experience working as a Technical Web developer in a couple of major IT firms in India. She has worked across various domains majorly specialising in e-Commerce, Fin-tech and Banking. Janani also co-founded on a bootstrapped venture called Tetraa in 2015 which has more than 3000 global registered users. Tetraa is a comprehensive friction-less Mobile First Invoicing app for SMBs that enables small businesses to send invoices and get paid on-the-go. In her free time, Janani enjoys networking, meeting new people and exploring new places.

Meghan Bradley

Interim Marketing Manager

Meghan is our Brand and Design Specialist and Interim Marketing Manager. She heads the marketing and looks after all things creative, ensuring that the brand remains consistent across all aspects of the organisation. Whether it’s print, digital or animation, she is a multidisciplinary professional who takes projects from ideation through to completion. Meghan joined MSDUK because she believes supplier diversity is important as it helps drive competition, as well as creating equal opportunities for all, helping to reduce inequality. In her spare time Meghan likes going to restaurants and enjoying different cuisines, as well as having a passion for martial arts and all things creative.

Shaher Banu

Corporate Relationship Manager

Shaher Banu is the Corporate Relationship Manager at MSDUK and truly believes that “When everyone is included, everyone wins”. She works with Corporates to understand their supply chain dynamics in order to connect them with the right Ethnic Minority Business (EMB). Apart from the commercial benefits, she finds a sense of accomplishment in the fact that she is contributing towards reducing socio-economic inequality, promoting innovation, diversity & inclusion. For small businesses to work with huge organisations is not less than a dream come true and at the same time encouraging Corporates to spend in diverse supply chain is what makes it worthwhile for Shaher.

Sheena Patel-Kotecha 

Corporate Relationship Manager

Sheena is the Corporate Relationship Manager at MSDUK. Sheena has vast experience in relationships management and she joined MSDUK because she wanted to be a part of something meaningful that was focused on a positive change, inclusivity whilst being sustainable, sifting the way we think, work and operate. She works closely with her corporate members to understand their needs all the while setting realistic and achievable goals. Rome wasn’t built overnight and in the same manner diversifying supply chains will also require patience but with persistence. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with the family, cooking (and when permitted) travelling the world exploring new cultures and cuisines.

Ricky Shah

Business Development Manager

Ricky is the Business Development Manager at MSDUK. Ricky has over 15-years’ experience in supporting thousands of Entrepreneurs start-up and grow. He has also been a registered consultant on numerous Government-led initiatives to support high-growth businesses. Having managed large European, DWP and Lottery funded Business Support programmes across the country and a qualified business support expert, Ricky possesses the skills to help you move your business forward. Being a serial networker allows him to be disruptive and dynamic, whilst maintaining professionalism. Ricky heads up our Ethnic Minority Business network and is tasked with growing and supporting our EMB network. Ricky strives to make a difference in everything that he does!

Ruth Ssebuliba

Corporate Relationship Manager

Ruth is a Corporate Relationship Manager at MSDUK. She prides herself in being passionate about justice, equity & being an advocate for others. As an accredited PRINCE2® Project Manager, she leads the delivery of corporate membership services. Through supporting and advising global corporations to plan, review & drive their supply chain diversity, she encourages the visibility and business growth of ethnic minority businesses. Prior to MSDUK, Ruth worked in the Oil & Gas Industry for 3 years as a Project Engineer. She also Founded a skin care education company for people with deep skin tones.

Karolina Jagodzinska

Accelerator Manager

Karolina is the Programme Manager looking after the MSDUK Accelerator. As part of her role, she is responsible for nurturing and developing the MSDUK start-up community and ensuring businesses in the network grow and access new opportunities. Karolina joined MSDUK because she believes in the power of people coming together to make change happen. In her free time, Karolina likes crocheting and has recently picked up sewing. She enjoys good long films with popcorn.

Joanna Chan

Innovation Challenge Programme Manager

Joanna is the Innovation Challenge Programme Manager at MSDUK. She is responsible for heading the Innovation Challenge, with the goal to connect ethnic minority businesses with our corporate partners to encourage new partnerships in the network. Joanna joined MSDUK because she believes that diversity and inclusion are the keys to driving positive change in both corporates and small businesses. In her free time, Joanna likes traveling, nature walks, and pottery.

Hinda Ibrahim

Programmes Associate

Hinda is responsible for the delivery of high-impact executive education programmes that are designed to allow EMBs to overcome challenges, build strategic relationships, and advance business capabilities. These programmes play a pivotal role in helping EMBs leverage their supply chain strategy to gain a competitive advantage with large companies. Hinda joined MSDUK to champion its aim of diversifying the supply chain and ensuring that it is inclusive of ethnic minority businesses. Furthermore, highlighting the values of having a diverse supplier base, as it will expose companies to a diverse range of ideas and solutions. In her spare time, Hinda enjoys spending time with family and friends, listening to a range of podcasts and baking.

Himanshu Sharma

System Analyst

Himanshu is MSDUK's System Analyst and works with the Digital Transformation team. His responsibilities are to design system processes, collaborate with the development team and ensure the quality of the software built. He joined MSDUK because he is a firm believer in equality and inclusion. He believes that together we can all progress bringing equal opportunities to everyone. Himanshu is a technology enthusiast and has interests in space technology, AI, and virtual and augmented reality.

Vishal Mishra

Business Development Associate

Vishal is the business development associate at MSDUK, working closely with the ethnic minority businesses within the network. His roles include lead generation, retention, and strategising. Vishal has a great understanding of the start-up ecosystem and has built many connections with founders and entrepreneurs within the west midlands. He believes supplier diversity is important as it provides him with representation as well as promoting fairness and equality in society, and is something he truly believes in. Vishal's hobbies include many creative things like music and art. He loves traveling and learning about different cultures and perspectives.

Priyanka Chaudhary

Member Services Associate

Priyanka was appointed as the Member Services Associate during late 2021. She is responsible for providing support to the Members Team who manage over 100 Corporate members accounts, assisting in projects, looking after the team communication and process management, and also working and leading on the partnerships managed by the Members team. She is also responsible in supporting the business development team with EMB recruitment. She is keen on learning about the private sector development and joined MSDUK as she believes that the development of private sector can only be possible when businesses of all kinds have equal opportunity to grow. In her spare time, she like to travel to new places, meet new people, and explore new cuisines.

Mohamed Ismail

Marketing Associate

He is our Marketing Associate responsible of managing our social media channels and our newsletters, he is passionate about SEO, content marketing and always looks at ways to innovate what we do. Ismail has joined MSDUK because he believes a diverse supply chain can bring new innovative ideas and solutions to an organisation and boost competitiveness and market growth. In his spare time Ismail enjoys going to the gym, travelling and experiencing different cultures.

Shivani Rohit

Events Coordinator

Shivani is the Events Co-ordinator at MSDUK. She has a vast wealth of experience in events and hospitality, having spent over 7 years in the industry. She is very proud to be a part of MSDUK. She feels proud to be a part of an organisation with such a great ethos and hopes that she can also be an asset to the team by assisting in its mission. Aside from her enthusiasm towards her work, Shivani enjoys travelling and has a bucket list of countries she wishes to visit. She also has a strong passion for performing arts, having been involved herself from a young age.