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“Minority entrepreneurs across the USA, UK, Africa and Canada play a critical role in nation building- creating millions of jobs, sustaining local communities and creating wealth in some of the most deprived regions within their countries. One thing that binds all minority entrepreneurs together is their ‘will to succeed’ and desire to ‘dream’.

The week I spent at Tuck Business School, attending the Building a High-Performing Minority Business Program, showed me how the program helped over 50 young entrepreneurs give shape to their ‘dreams’ and achieve ‘greater success’. I attended this program with an additional mission – to get a first-hand understanding of the structure and delivery of the program as we @ MSDUK work on bringing this program to the UK, in partnership with a business school in the UK, and work with Tuck in this unique cross-Atlantic experiment of knowledge-transfer.

What made this program differ from any Executive Management Program was that it wasn’t ‘text book’

It is so hard to summarise the quality of this programme in a few words! Everything from the hospitality, organization, program structure, content, relevance to actual delivery of the program was just OUTSTANDING but what made this program ‘WORLD CLASS’ is that it was designed around the real needs of ‘minority’ entrepreneurs. What made this program differ from any Executive Management Program was that it wasn’t ‘text book’ – I didn’t see any ‘business models’ being taught during a very intense and busy week; what I saw was this unique style of ‘learning from real life business experiences’.

Prof Len Greenhalgh understands the needs of minority entrepreneurs like no one else! I am sure one day I will be able to get this Englishmen back to England to deliver program for British minority entrepreneurs! Since the last 40 years, he is on a mission- to see minority entrepreneurs in the US succeed and scale-up. He has assembled an outstanding line up of world class academics to deliver this program that is designed specifically for minority entrepreneurs.

Over 50 entrepreneurs that attended this program became one big family

What adds value to this program is the comradery between entrepreneurs attending this program. Over 50 entrepreneurs that attended this program became one big family- they shared their successes, their failures and their ideas not only to help themselves but to help others.

I would personally like to thank Dr Fred McKinney, Jade Melvin, and Christine Dowman for making us all feel at home. My gratitude to all the academics- Prof Len Greenhalgh, Ella Bell, Joseph Hall, Philip Stocken, Alva Taylor and Gail Taylor for such an incredible week of imparting knowledge. A big thanks to Frank Venegas, Jr. Chairman and CEO of the Ideal Group of Companies, Detroit who gave us an inspiring talk on importance of community in every entrepreneur’s journey! Lastly, I would like to recognise the invaluable contribution of so many global corporations, including GM, Bristol-Myers Squibb, for providing scholarships to minority entrepreneurs to attend these programs.

I can’t wait to be at Tuck again in the summer for the Scale-up program! “

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