Making the seemingly impossible possible!

AdTube is a video production media company founded in 2012 aiming to provide high quality videos to its customers. As a small enterprise AdTube joined the MSDUK network with the intention of expanding its client base and obtaining new business opportunities. After attending a number of MSDUK networking events AdTube was selected by es-p, a bid management and business services development provider to produce a video promoting its services.


“We were approached by es-p to produce a short animated video promoting es-p b2b services. The animation was intended to help businesses understand what it is es-p do and how they can help in an engaging way. es-p had a vision of a mission impossible theme; fast-paced, epic action. We approached this project using whiteboard animation mixed with a little after effects.” Utam Bhudia, Director, AdTube

The Challenge:

“The video es-p needed was for entering a competition and the required delivery time was short with the competition starting in a less than a week. We had seen the work AdTube had produced for other members of the MSDUK network and after speaking to Utam I was confident that AdTube would rise to the challenge and meet the deadline.” Farooq Mohammed, Managing Director, es-p

“Working within this time scale was a big test for us. We had to make sure the first drafts were ready at least two days before the deadline. This allowed us to make any changes needed to both the animation and the voice over.” Utam Bhudia, Director, AdTube

The Outcome: