Leadership Coach and CEO of BE GREAT Training Hiten Bhatt to speak about his new leadership book at grand London event

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International Speaker, Author, Leadership Coach and CEO of BE GREAT Training Hiten Bhatt will be speaking about his new book, “The Leadership Adventure – Five Powerful Secrets Every Leader Should Know to Motivate People & Maximise Productivity” at a grand event in London on the 12th July.


The book contains five powerful secrets of leadership, it is a book for anyone who finds themselves in a leadership position and wants to do a better job. We are all leaders! If you are a parent you are a leader to your child, if you have a spouse, partner or friend you will at times be a leader to them and of course if in your career or business you are responsible for a team you are a leader. Leadership extends into all areas of life, developing great leadership qualities in people is vital for organizations and businesses to stay ahead of the competition and really maximize productivity, profits and results. Leadership is also a journey of self-discovery and personal development, an adventure! This book will teach you how to really get the most out of your yourself and your people through a unique perspective on leadership and personal growth.

To obtain your copy please visit www.leadershipadventurebook.com


Hiten’s training workshops and coaching workshops are unique, transformational experiences that have positively impacted businesses and changed the lives of individuals all around the world. Hiten, previously worked in the legal profession and left his career in law to pursue his calling, teaching leaders from all walks of life and backgrounds, from CEOs, senior executives, entrepreneurs, professional athletes, teachers, parents and young people how they can give their true gift to the world and unleash their true potential. He delivers his brand of magic with humour, play and deep practical insight. He is the founder of BE GREAT Training, a business built on the principle that learning, growth and improvement is an exciting adventure of discovery that never ends. Hiten often asks leaders an interesting question, if living things grow, and you are not growing, what are you?


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To find out more about the talk on the 12th July or about how Hiten could help develop your team please email hbhatt@begreattraining.com or call 07817899762 for an initial discussion.