Kanban saves Northampton Academy 50% on their printing costs


LOCATION: Northampton, UK

INDUSTRY: Education

 SIZE: Medium


SERVICES RENDERED: pMPS Contract, Hardware Improvements, Supplies Management



Northampton Academy is a mixed secondary school and sixth form, with 1,430 students aged 11 to 18. It was opened as part of the Labour government’s education reform and received a visit from former Prime Minister Tony Blair describing it as “one of the most amazing schools in the country”.

Print challenges:

  • High-cost and time-consuming ink/toner purchases.
  • Inflexible and expensive contracts.
  • Inefficient use of devices – wrong machine in the wrong environment
  • Reactive consumables replenishment means running out at the wrong time



Schools typically produce a lot of waste printing and without constant monitoring and efficiency testing, costs can add up. Kanban Solutions software sat within Northampton Academy’s printer fleet, determining where best to make changes and improvements.

Ink/Toner usage and delivery is a key aspect to our managed print strategy. Consolidated forecasting transformed the daily hit or miss guesswork into targeted & precise ordering information for what was needed where & when.

 “Our issues were based around supplies and finding the cheapest possible prices for original consumables, it was time consuming and expensive.”

Lance Rumbolt, IT Support

In addition, Northampton Academy was supplied with 50 new HP LaserJet printers at significantly reduced cost. Each device was installed and set-up on-site by a HP qualified technician and supplied with HP original Ink/Toner.



Northampton Academy saved £7,500 a year, with staff spending their time teaching not clearing paper jams or waiting for printer support.

“We’ve halved our printing costs, a resounding success”

Lance Rumbolt, IT Support

Once implemented our software joined all our client’s machines together into one coherent system. Northampton Academy benefited from HP’s device control centre helping monitor all print outlay costs and any maintenance issues.

 “The amount of work involved now is pure admin and much easier to manage. We love the auto ordering of ink and the info we get from HP.”

Lance Rumbolt, IT Support

Improved printers such as the HP LaserJet MFP’s enabled the school to increase efficiency and reduce cost. Benchmarks show that users can create high-quality colour documents for up to 50 per cent lower cost per page than with previous models.

“This is an excellent service and if anyone asks I am evangelical about it. It’s saved us money and time and we are very happy with it.”

Lance Rumbolt, IT Support



Kanban has helped over 500 organisations manage their printers, supplies and contracts better. Customers with anything from 1 to 5000 devices, in the UK or internationally.

Whether your organisation is under contract, or buys transactionally, Kanban’s approach will save time, drive out wastage, improve management reporting and reduce cost.