Introducing MSDUK Connect


Introducing MSDUK Connect



We are pleased to announce the launch of our new members portal, MSDUK Connect.

MSDUK Connect uses our previous account system, along with recent additions that aim to enhance the experience and provide additional benefits. These include:

  • A personalised profile addition to the MSDUK mailing list
  • View and invite other colleagues from your organisation to use the database
  • Access to our supplier database and access to over 400 Ethnic Minority Businesses
  • Download of the MSDUK membership logo for use on any promotional material
  • Submit articles which we will publish in our newsletters
  • View your organisations membership status and renewal dates

How to register
Simply select the Join Us button on our website, scroll to the membership section and select register.
Once you have completed the simple form your profile will be reviewed and accepted by the MSDUK admin team.
You will then be able to login and access your personalised profile.

Your Dashboard
Once in the portal you will see statistics about your membership type and number of colleagues from your organisation who are registered on the MSDUK portal, as well as renewal information.
You will also be able to download our corporate member logo and submit articles to our team.

Supplier Database

You will also be able to search our database of suppliers.
Our supplier database provides you the ability to search suppliers by industry, turnover and location, to help members identify optimal opportunities.

Members will also clearly be able to see the difference between MSDUK Certified Suppliers and Self Certified Suppliers.