In the Spotlight: Dr Rotimi Alabi, CEO of RAB Microfluidics tells us why the Tuck Exec Programme is near faultless.


In the Spotlight: Dr Rotimi Alabi, CEO of RAB Microfluidics tells us why the Tuck Exec Programme is near faultless.


Dr Rotimi Alabi

Last year, we awarded three of our top Innovation Challenge finalists, that showcased demonstrable impact in their areas of application; with a 12-18 month mentorship programme with Accenture, and a full scholarship to fly to one of the best business schools in the world – Tuck School of Business in Dartmouth, USA to attend a 4-day residential programme on how to “Build High Performing Businesses. 

Hear from our 2018 competition runner up Dr. Rotimi Alabi, Founder of RAB-Microfluidics on what participating in the competition has done for their business and how it has led to future opportunities for their company. We also talked in depth about the Tuck Scholarship Programme they were awarded what their experience has been when they attend two weeks ago.  

What were your most favourite or useful takeaways from the Tuck Programme?  

A number of aspects of the programme really resonated with me. These included; the culture of freely sharing contacts and networks, focus on growing a business with significant revenue generating capability which go into hundreds of millions of dollars, the need to give back to the community and the training on financial and operational techniques. 

Now that you have completed this programme, what are you hoping to achieve with your new found knowledge?  

I look to apply the key principles learnt during my time in Tuck to my business whilst sharing the knowledge with my colleagues. Specifically, I will look to put in place procedures that enable efficient operations of the company as we grow our business. 

rabWhat do you think the Tuck Programme has done for you on a personal level?  

The programme has reinforced in me the sense of community thinking where entrepreneurs should make a difference in their community as a way to empower others for greater communal success.  

What has winning the Innovation Challenge done for your business?  

The exposure to really remarkable trainers who have years of experience to help guide our business is unparalleled and has provided more value to our business than we would have been otherwise exposed to. This is a direct benefit of winning the innovation challenge. 


What could MSDUK and partners do to improve the experience for Tuck Participants?  

This programme is near faultless. The UK groups as well as other groups really enjoyed the experience. Although the content suited revenue generating businesses, pre-revenue start-ups got significant value and inspiration from merely interacting with revenue generating businesses. 

Finally, I want to end by expressing my gratitude and appreciation to Mayank and the rest of the MSDUK team for facilitating and making possible this wonderful experience thank you. 

The Tuck Programme will again take place for Innovation Challenge 2019 winners in May 2020 with a full scholarship to fly to USA. MSDUK will also be flying the Tuck faculty to hold the coveted residential programme for other entrepreneurs in MSDUK Network between September 17-21st 

To find out more please contact our Programmes Manager and visit our join us page to see the benefits of becoming a member.