(L) Denise Nurse, Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of Halebury (R) Janvi Patel, Chairwoman and co-founder of Halebury.

“I challenge you to ask first not what MSDUK can do for you but what you can do for MSDUK, and then watch your opportunities and business grow.”- Denise Nurse

After 10 years of Meet The Buyers with MSDUK, Halebury CEO Denise Nurse shares how being a part of the MSDUK network has aided success and opportunity to build and develop their law firm into a NewLaw pioneer.

About Halebury

Denise Nurse is Co-Founder and CEO of NewLaw firm Halebury. Halebury has strategic partnerships with clients such at BT, Sky and Virgin Media, a growing roster of clients in the TMT and FS sectors and a team of more than 30 senior in-house lawyers providing flexible resourcing solutions and strategic, legal transformation support to FTSE 250 and SME businesses.


We have done over a £1 million pounds worth of business with MSDUK members


We have been members of MSDUK since 2008.  As a start up business at the time, we recognised the value of the network and the opportunities it presented to get in front of and form relationships with FTSE 100 and international businesses.  Our approach to membership has always been to be as involved as we can and to add value.  Like anything it is a two way street, what we look to gain from being part of the organisation we must also give back.

In addition to attending the Meet the Buyer events that were put on in the early days, my co-founder,  Janvi Patel, and I always sought additional ways to work with the MSDUK team and add value, as such we have over the years, advised the Board directly on legal matters, presented on legal areas of concern such as intellectual property at events, worked with and instructed other suppliers (eg for design services) and suggested ideas for new ways for us to add value and create relationships with the MSDUK corporate members.

By being so fully engaged with MSDUK we have benefitted by getting business with four corporates, two of whom we have achieved being listed on their official supplier panel.  We have done over a £1 million pounds worth of business with MSDUK members and also worked with fellow suppliers to help develop our business.

Today we are still avid supporters, and I am proud to have a seat on the first Executive Committee of Suppliers representing the Supplier voice to MSDUK.

Successes Stories



Looking for most effective way to provide supplemental legal resource to support their large legal team with absences such as maternity leaves and with complex project work.  They needed lawyers with a specific skill set, including experience of major, global transactions, public and private sector procurement experience, maximum security clearance and in depth telecoms industry experience.  Available on an agile basis, able to hit the ground running, add value to their commercial teams and to fit seamlessly as part of the BT legal team.  To be able to work with BT you needed to be on their official panel and go through the Request for Proposal and tender process.


We spent two years building up our contacts and relationship with BT so that when they were ready to launch the panel process we were on their radar to be included in the bid.  This included following up with our own contacts but crucially from MSDUK we worked with Mayank to put on a specific event for the procurement teams and legal heads from the corporate members.  Our legal service proposition represented a new way of providing legal services and was part of a sea of changes taking place.  We worked with MSDUK and other law firms within the membership to present a session dedicated to educating the procurement teams on the changes and what they meant for their in-house legal teams.  By providing this free service to the corporate members we helped them to understand the offering.  BT followed up by setting up a meeting between us and their head of legal operations at the time.  The rest as they say is history.  It took us another year to get to know the legal team, their challenges and ways of working and when the RFP process finally took place in 2013 we successfully bid to become a part of that panel.

We have worked as a trusted partner with BT ever since, supplying high quality, senior lawyers to work with their teams across the corporate and commercial spectrum on major transactions, procurement projects and innovation.

Enterprise Rent-a-Car

We have worked with Enterprise since 2008.  From our work with MSDUK and attendance at meet the buyer events we were invited by the then CFO Daryl Scales, to come into their office and present our offering to the procurement and commercial leads who dealt with their commercial matters and also their Head of HR who dealt with all employment law matters.


At the time, Enterprise did not have any in-house lawyers.  Halebury was instructed to work with their commercial lead to provide guidance on complex legal matters and overflow work.


We assisted the team on a variety of urgent, intricate and high profile legal queries.  As the relationship developed, a member of the Halebury team supported Enterprise on a more fixed basis working from their office two days a week helping to shape and support the legal function.  Our team member eventually helped them to hire their first full time legal employee, a contracts manager.  This was a successful move and they went on to build a team of legal assistants with on going support from Halebury.  This culminated in the appointment of their first UK General counsel, a dynamic and business focussed lawyer known to Halebury who is growing the depth and capability of the inhouse legal function at Enterprise.  We believe we helped to demonstrate the value of in-house legal to the business and to lay the foundations for their own legal team which is part of the Halebury way, to leave our clients in a better position than when we started.

A large accountancy and professional services practice and a global bank

Halebury has provided legal services to these two clients for a number of years.  The former requires specific, high quality service in relation to procurement contracts, the bank requires flexible legal services to complement it’s large team of in-house lawyers.

We were successful in completing the panel process for the Bank and are officially on their panel.

Denise’s 7 Top Tips- How to win business from large corporates

  • Build relationships
  • Add Value
  • Prove your credibility
  • Take the long view
  • Be patient
  • Get creative
  • Over deliver


Putting people first and always challenging the status quo is what we do best at Halebury.  By focussing on these core principles we build relationships, add value and over deliver and working with MSDUK has given us the opportunity to get to know other businesses and build lasting partnerships.

The idea of MSDUK is to create opportunities for Ethnic Minority Businesses.  Mayank and the team have ultimate faith in the quality of our offerings and our ability to make a significant contribution to British business today.  It is up to us to live up to that challenge and use the network to create new business, learn, teach and support each other.

Each success in the team creates another rung on the ladder to help the next business up.  There is power and energy in our network and the more you put in the more you will get out.  If you are looking to grow your business working with MSDUK, I challenge you to ask first not what MSDUK can do for you but what you can do for MSDUK, and then watch your opportunities and business grow.



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