All Good Things Must Come To An End- by Kush Shukla, ARIVU


Organisational change can sometimes have its problems; Kush Shukla, Director of ARIVU explains how attitude over aptitude is essential for businesses who want to move forward into success

The business world is ever changing and the need for change and the impact it makes has never been so important as it is now based on the recent events such as Brexit, the change in leadership in the UK, France and the US as well as the political, social and economic incidents happening in North Korea, North & South America and the Middle East.

However, organisational change can sometimes have its problems. Many companies do not change due to their own inflated egos because they believe that they are the biggest and the best within their industries. This is exactly what Kodak, Woolworths and Hoover believed. Others stick to their old and widely used motto “Why fix it if it ain’t broke?” only to find out that it was broke all along right under their noses but they failed to see it!

Others are just far too slow to change and make sloths look like the hare! Classic examples of this are Blockbusters and Borders Book Shops. They did not change with the times and when they did try and make a move to change, they were too heavy and running down the runway at warp speed, bracing themselves to minimise the impact.

Others simply got it all wrong at the wrong time! New Coke and Crystal Pepsi come to mind and they had to go back to their original formula to win back their loyal customers.

So what makes change so difficult? There are at least six main reasons why, but we only have time to mention one of them in this article otherwise it will be a much longer article to read.

One of these factors is employing people who have the right attitude, not necessarily the ‘aptitude’, as aptitude can be taught and nurtured. Teaching attitude, on the other hand, is far more difficult to do. Just ask your managers and supervisors at work and they’ll prove to you that I’m right.

When people in organisations have the right attitude, they can do so much. For example, they can highlight the key strategies need to change and steer the organisation, so that you get more customer loyalty, you service your customers better and you know exactly what they want and need from you and, therefore, you make more money by doing so. It’s not rocket science, but so many organisations fail to address this. Sam Walton who created Walmart had exactly the same philosophy and he insisted that all Store Managers spoke with their shop floor staff on a daily basis and ask them “What happened yesterday?” so that they know what to buy, what to sell, how to sell it and what the customer actually wants. This is what transformed their original five and dime store to a multi-billion dollar company. Sam Walton also invested heavily in recruiting the right attitude and ensuring that his people received the best training and mentoring available.

Luckily one such organisation that we worked with in the South East of England that also happens to be an MSDUK Certified Member, did just that. BAP Pharma Ltd is a clinical trial supplier of comparator drugs and they invested in their management team to up-skill them for more future growth within their sector. They needed an expert trainer that could tailor-make the learning to their specific needs and who could help them make the right impactful decisions on their future strategy. They found the right person at one of MSDUK’s supplier events and having had a conversation with Kush Shukla, Director of ARIVU, they felt very comfortable and satisfied that with his talent and expertise, he was the best person to help with what they were looking for.

This is what they had to say about ARIVU’s services:


“I really enjoyed the course.  All the four sessions we had from ARIVU were great and incredibly valuable.  We as a management team took a lot of learning out of it and the courses were delivered in an interactive manner, which we all felt was very powerful, thought provoking and actionable. The courses were run in a manner where a lot of information was provided in chunks that were easier to absorb and digest. It was a relaxed learning atmosphere, which contributed to a greater uptake of information that was being delivered”.


“Kush created a very open and honest environment, where we felt comfortable to share experiences, thoughts and ideas with each other and where our focus of attention should lie in building and expanding our business and how we can strengthen our teams even further. I especially appreciated the life tools that were taught that I am using these on a daily basis”.


“The experiences I had during the 4 modules and from the one-to-one coaching that I received were great and I really enjoyed each of the sessions.  I learned a lot, which has and will become useful for my career and for the organisation. The pivotal part of my learning experience was the way you delivered the course.  Your style was unique, impressive and interactive throughout the day and I always looked forward with great anticipation to the next one. Thank you for all that you’ve done”.


 Senior Management Team at BAP Pharma Ltd


If you would love to know what the other successful factors are for implementing change in your organisation, then contact Kush Shukla at ARIVU Ltd. He’ll be happy to share this with you.

All good things do come to an end, but that means that there’s usually something better around the corner. That only happens when we take the right actions to change, at the right time. Let ARIVU help you do just that.


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