Gibbs Hybrid’s Gavin Stead compares project management to Spotify for a Gartner audience


Taking the keynote stage at October’s Gartner IT Sourcing Summit, Gavin Stead, Head of Programme Services at Gibbs Hybrid, explained how Spotify – or Netflix or Zipcar – is similar to our Project Management as a Service (PMaaS) offering.

Why? Just as with Spotify you can pick more or less any tune you could ever want without having shelves full of CDs or vinyl, PMaaS allows your business to have top quality, fully qualified project management available exactly when you want it – and not when you don’t. With a scarcity of project manager talent, and the resulting high cost, companies have the choice of seconding existing staff or having an underemployed project manager waiting for her next assignment. Just like all those vinyl records waiting to be played. PMaaS, Gavin explained to the packed audience, gives you all of the skills at a lot lower cost.

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article written by Gibbs Hybrid