Equitus Enineering develop breathing valve for Dutch medical company


Equitus Enineering develop breathing valve for Dutch medical company


Ventinova based in Eindhoven, in The Netherlands were looking for the development of a valve to support spontaneous breathing for their breathing system. This valve requirements were to regulate the lung pressure of patients on assisted breathing when the pressure in the human lung exceeds a certain value or goes below a certain value.

Equitus Engineering Limited based in Greater Manchester were invited to participate in Interreg North West Europe’s Boost4Health workshop hosted by one of the partners in the UK: The Growth Company. At this workshop, a match was made between Equitus and Ventinova by Atalanta Business Development, representing Ventinova and BOM.

Equitus delivered the innovation of this valve starting with the development of initial concepts, validation of various designs based on requirements: product functionality, manufacturability, durability, and cost to client. Following this, the concept with the best fit based on above criteria was selected for detailed design.

The detailed design involved the modelling and assembly of the entire valve, performing structural and fluid mechanics assessments on the assembly, performing FMEA and reliability analysis, determination of loads, spring rates, and selection of appropriate springs, development of the Bill of Material (BoM), generation of manufacturing drawings, and determination of the best manufacturing method.

Benefits for Ventinova were as follows:

  1. Got feasibility proven for a non-existing valve
  2. Potential solution to serve more patients
  3. Extended engineering options for future developments

Benefits for Equitus Engineering were as follows:

  1. Got a level of visibility to show case capability to the wider healthcare and medical community in the Boost4Health participating regions
  2. Potential to build on this and enhance relationship with Ventinova
  3. Potential to bid for more such opportunities

Raam Shanker of Equitus Engineering was invited to Stuttgart, Germany in October 2019 to present this project to the Boost4Health and Interreg NWE team.

This project is now part of the Interreg NWE’s Boost4Health Brochure, which can be accessed via the following link. The brochure has the videos in which representatives from Ventinova, Equitus and BOM are seen talking about this project.