Equality Pioneers offer MSDUK members discounted mindfulness Spanish break

Spain 1

Blog by Ishreen Bradley, Equality Pioneers


Join this very special holiday in our delightful mountain village in Al Mariah, Spain – an opportunity for you to relax, rejuvenate and create a new lifestyle that will provide you with renewed energy, freedom and a powerful, authentic sense of who you really are.


As well as having an amazing holiday, we have arranged optional visits to an old Moorish castle, an olive farm and the world’s leading research centre for wind and solar energy…oh and of course the stunning local seaside beach.


There are two charming hamaams in the village where you can pamper yourself… but most of all, you can benefit from our 4D approach to creating a new lifestyle free from those anxious moments, fear, palpitations and sleepless nights caused by pressure of work, worries about your financial future or your physical and mental well being.


You will have the opportunity to:

  • DETOX: explore fresh, nourishing food that nurtures your body whilst increasing your knowledge of how to cleanse, nurture and strengthen from the inside out. Blend with rejuvenating visits to the local Hammams for relaxation and combine with enjoyable activities that fuse fitness with mindfulness to ensure a whole and holistic detox.


  • DE-STRESS through active and contemplative heartfulness meditation – reaching beyond the separation of thoughts and feelings to an integrated connection and intuitive understanding of your place in the world.


  • DEVELOP STRENGTH by uncovering and owning the ‘Authentic You’. Become clear about your passions, your purpose and your unique contribution to the world around you.  Connect deeply with your values and what you want for your future life and lifestyle.


  • DISCOVER that it is possible to create a new way of living that works even with the hustle and bustle of modern life. Explore how ancient traditions and modern technology have blended to provide innovative and sustainable solutions…and reflect on how you can bring these ingenious principles into your own life.


As this is a first initiative, we are offering this specially designed all-inclusive programme for £1400 instead of £2000 to people in our networks, including an initial booking fee of just £250…giving our time to you as a special gift.

(*Please note: This offer is open to MSDUK and WeConnect members only)


If you would like to have a 20 minute call to explore how joining us with a select group of no more than twelve like minded men and women on this life changing holiday could benefit you, email: ishreen@equalitypioneers.com or call her on her mobile: 07734 209809.

About Equality Pioneers

Equality Pioneers enable you and your organisation to develop a sustainable sense of parity and equality for all – resulting in mindsets and systems that deliver a culture of opportunity through excellence at work.

Our programmes help dissolve individual and systemic barriers to success, unleashing world-class performance from people who are ‘different from the norm’.

  • Individuals and groups join our in-house and open programmes to go beyond superficial development to transform long term, deeply held beliefs, behaviours and barriers (that have inhibited progress to date) into inspiring new opportunities.
  • System diagnostics and transformation programmes engage key stakeholders to appreciate and create a culture of equality that expands overall employee satisfaction and productivity, enabling a higher return on investment from your best talent.


Benefits of working with us:

– Improved confidence and resilience for individuals and teams

– Effective collaboration between different ‘sub-cultures’ in your organisation

– Increased innovation, productivity and bottom line by strengthening the contribution of difference through adaptive systems and cultures.


To explore further:

Call: 0203 362 2940

Email: info@paritypioneers.com