Eggs Benedict and a very good Business Breakfast Meeting – by Ervin Picari


I have always held the belief that a good day starts in the morning and if you have a positive morning the rest of the day will take care of itself. This was the case the other day when MSDUK hosted its second Business Breakfast meeting in Leicester. As is often the case with business breakfast meetings there are always two things to remember in my view the level of engagement from the participants and the food and both are symbiotically linked. After all it wouldn’t be a proper breakfast meeting without proper food and in this particular case and to my great joy eggs Benedict’s were on the menu.

Our meeting was held at Bill’s a local restaurant suggested by one of our members. At the beginning I was very apprehensive because Bill’s sounded more like a greasy spoon than a place where you can hold a formal event. However, my fear was grossly misguided and I was very pleased to find out that it was a rather good establishment but let’s focus on the important discussion that took place that day.

The purpose of the MSDUK Business Breakfast meetings is to provide a platform to local ethnic minority businesses (EMB’s) to exchange ideas share concerns and come up with solutions to common challenges they face. Furthermore these events serve to strengthen the connection between the local EMB’s that are part of our network but also enable MSDUK to provide advice and help in addressing some of their concerns. This meeting raised a number of discussion points and focused on:

• Social media mediums like twitter to be used to raise EMB’s business profiles.

• The importance of identifying the right target audience in order to generate interest. This can be done by creating good articles and distributing them throughout the network.

• Published stories as a good source for raising suppliers’ profiles with corporate members thus EMB suppliers need to share their success stories to be circulated through the network.

• The creation of articles promoting useful services provided by MSDUK members will increase more interactions between members within the network.

• Bid writing workshop to be delivered in Leicester or Birmingham for MSDUK members in the Midlands.

• Raising member’s awareness for free SME training programmes.

As the breakfast meeting came to a close there was an air of positivity about the discussions that had taken place and great optimism in taking forward some of the suggestions for our members and MSDUK thus from my prospective there are two things to remember from this event Eggs Benedict’s and a very good MSDUK Business Breakfast Meeting.

The next MSDUK Business Breakfast Meeting will take place on 31st March 2015, at Bill’s, St Martin’s Courtyard (off Long Acre), London WC2E 9AB, from 8:00 am – 10:00 am.