Nyfasi- Turning Sobs to Smiles with the Deluxe Detangler

Nyfasi- Turning Sobs to Smiles With the Deluxe Detangler

01 Sep 2023

Dr Youmna Mouhamad is the Founder of Nyfasi and the Inventor of the Deluxe Detangler.  Her inspiration to invent the Deluxe Detangler came from her experience as an au pair. She cared for a girl named Hazel, who had beautiful, thick, and healthy 4B hair but struggled with pain and frustration during detangling. Dr Mouhamad wanted to empower Hazel to love her hair and build joyful hair care memories between her and her mother.  

She used her knowledge of the printing and coating industry to replicate her mother’s trick. Originally from Mayotte, Dr. Mouhamad’s mother used to do her daughter’s hair every Sunday. To detangle their hair, she would dip a comb in a mixture of water and oil, which made detangling less painful. Hair care was a bonding moment. 

Dr Mouhamad had the idea for the Deluxe Detangler in 2017. After struggling for two years to initiate the development of her idea, she sought the services of a holistic coach who helped her overcome limiting beliefs and develop the discipline and mindset necessary to pursue her dream. She since went on to develop and patent (UK) the Deluxe Detangler and won several awards including the prestigious Royal Academy of Engineering Enterprise Fellowship 2021, Talent from French Overseas Department, Top 50 women in engineering 2022 and Top 100 manufacturer 2023.  Today, she is grateful to have found peace of mind and heart, and I want to make a difference by donating 5% of Nyfasi's profit to coaching young people. Nyfasi will officially launch in late 2023.   


A Natural Solution 

Nyfasi's innovative solution is the Deluxe Detangler; it is specifically designed for textured hair. Due to its curls and kinks, textured hair tangles easily and heavily. This makes it challenging to detangle and evenly apply hair care products. The application of hair care products requires a 4-step process. Parting hair into sections, applying treatment, distributing and combing to detangle. Research has shown that some women need more than 50 minutes to apply a conditioner. Often children cry, and women dread hair care.  

Once filled with a hair care treatment, Nyfasi Deluxe Detangler uses a mechanism similar to a ball pen to evenly coat hair with hair care products. The localised lubrification of tangles facilitates detangling, saves up to 30 minutes per application and offers a joyful hair care experience. 

Although this problem is faced by 75% of the worldwide women population, there is currently no solution. Nyfasi's product stands out due to its community-led innovation, incorporating feedback and testing from women with textured hair throughout the development process. 


A Community Collaboration 

One of Nyfasi's greatest achievements to date has been the development of the product in collaboration with the community. Dr Mouhamad engaged with over 50 women, conducted tests, and received valuable feedback, resulting in a product that resonated with its target audience. This collaborative approach has fostered a strong sense of community and enabled the development of an efficient solution, with great user experience and a unique design. In fact, Nyfasi Deluxe Detangler won the iF and the GOOD Design Awards in 2022. 


Benefits of MSDUK 

Dr Mouhamad learned about MSDUK through an event held by Innovate UK. There, she met someone who recommended that she apply for the MSDUK Innovation Challenge. Recognising the potential alignment with her product and the benefits of the network and exposure, she decided to apply. 

Beyond the £20,000 cash prize, Dr Mouhamad is keen to leverage the network and platform provided by the Innovation Challenge. As a solo entrepreneur seeking investment and partnerships, she saw the value in connecting with industry professionals, corporate networks and potential endorsers for her product. The opportunity to gain guidance on approaching organisations and industry leaders was also a significant motivating factor. 


Valuable Connections 

Dr Mouhamad looks forward to the MSDUK Innovation Challenge Finals at the MSDUK Business and Innovation Show 2023 for several reasons. She is excited about the platform it provides to pitch and showcase her business to a diverse audience, as well as the exposure to MSDUK's corporate network and the opportunity to network with global brand leaders and other ethnic minority entrepreneurs. The event holds great potential for opening doors and creating valuable connections. 


The High Value of the MSDUK Network 

If announced as the overall winner of the MSDUK Innovation Challenge, Nyfasi intends to allocate the £20,000 cash prize to kickstart manufacturing. The funds would primarily be used to cover the costs of manufacturing moulds, enabling the production units of the Deluxe Detangler. This initial batch would allow Nyfasi to fulfil pre-orders and demonstrate market demand, positioning the business for further growth and funding opportunities. 

But it offers so much more than that. Dr Mouhamad encourages other ethnic minority entrepreneurs to enter, saying “You should consider applying for the next MSDUK Innovation Challenge to seize the opportunity, gain access to the high value networks and the potential for mentorship, partnerships and exposure. By participating, entrepreneurs can gain valuable guidance and resources that can significantly accelerate their business journey.” 

The MSDUK Conference offers a chance to learn, share experiences and further establish Nyfasi within the market. 

The MSDUK Innovation Challenge Finals will take place at the MSDUK Business and Innovation Show in London on 14th and 15th September 2023.  To purchase tickets, please visit: https://www.conference.msduk.org.uk/?utm_source=blog&utm_medium=website&utm_campaign=IC