21 Feb 2022

Come Join MSDUK they said…


“Gurmit come join an organisation that is driving ethnic minority businesses in the UK.”

“Yeah I don’t think that’s for me, I can’t see how it will work for a video production agency”

“Well at least come and network…”

Three years later, I’m a member of MSDUK and my video production agency Impress video, is one of many businesses that are a part of the organisations’ network.


I have attended numerous conferences, travelled with the team to the US, created industry connections in both the corporate and TV/Film world, and continue to grow my network with forward thinking businesses.

Oh and yes we have generated a fair share of profits being in the network too.

I never realised what it meant to be a minority business owner. When I first joined, I was invited to attend the TUCK programme in London run in partnership with MSDUK. The speakers were phenomenal and when they presented the facts and stats about minorities in business in the UK and the world, I was shocked. I soon realised it’s not an even playing field, especially when development and biases are at play… and the disparities between ethnic owned businesses compared to their white counterparts or those in positions of power and decision making is huge!


Through the MSDUK network and connections along with sharing best practices and challenges my network grew to global organisations.

I was asked to present my time at MSDUK and the following video just about captures my experiences at the organisation.

The team at MSDUK, led by Mayank Shah are a great driving force and clearly show their passion for what they do and always push to give their members new opportunities.

I’ve sat with representatives from industry renowned corporates like Accenture and EY, pitched to companies like Apple, Sony and Disney - chances that would have not been possible otherwise. 

Should I be awarded projects because of my skin tone? No! We’ve won projects based on our credit and growth and our continual commitment to be better than we were yesterday.

I believe here at Impress and BGP we would have been just fine without joining MSDUK, however by being a member, our world opened up 10x to new possibilities and opportunities.

Oh and the support MSDUK provided for the release of my debut feature film Get Gone in 2021 on Amazon Prime was incredible too.

“I would not and do not hesitate to recommend MSDUK enough” Gurmit Samra, Founder Impress Video