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Helping Britain Achieve Net Zero With EDF Supply Chain

30 Aug 2023

We worked with Square to identify the right location and ensured sufficient capacity for the demand we needed. The outcome meant that ED were able to best support our employees, but also that ED were able to support a MSDUK supplier and supplement their turnover, helping them to grow

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Beez's Accelerator Journey: From Learning to Leading

21 Aug 2023

My biggest takeaway from the programme is knowing that there is always room to grow no matter what type of person you are or what stage your business is at. It is important to note that this programme was intensive so whatever efforts you put in, that is what you’ll get out of it.

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Innovating for a Greener Tomorrow- Firstplanit's transformation with MSDUK

18 Aug 2023

I knew I wanted to be around people who looked like me, who were in similar stage with their start-ups, and who understood  the biases that ethnic minority founders face. After I was accepted onto Cohort 1 and we had a first meeting in Birmingham, I looked around the room and I thought, I’m not alone. This was my first experience with MSDUK.

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From B2C to B2B: Unveiling Insights from Cauli's Accelerator Journey

17 Aug 2023

As one of the 12 finalists of the MSDUK Innovation Challenge, it is great to know that the support from MSDUK extends beyond the programme. It shows that MSDUK is dedicated in providing continuous support to ethnic minority businesses.

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From Flavors to Friendships: Monique Farquharson's MSDUK Accelerator Journey

15 Aug 2023

I enjoyed being one of the 10 businesses pitching during the MSDUK Accelerator Demo Day because I was able to receive feedback almost instantly after walking off stage. Following the Demo Day, some corporates expressed their interest in my product which is always a great outcome

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