Building Business Leaders of the Future



Everyone is talking about ‘leadership’, but what does it actually mean? What makes a good leader? What is the link between leadership and innovation? Can leaders create wealth and promote social responsibility? And how important is good leadership?

These are some of the questions that aspiring future leaders have to contend with as there is a shift in the leadership paradigm from power-based leadership to one where empowerment is a key element. With leadership increasing in importance in the current global context be that in business, politics or sport we are all aware of the consequences of the lack of it. One merely has to mention the word ‘Brexit’ to realise how important leadership is. In an increasingly complex world decision made by those in a position of leadership mater and in business that might have significant effects on an organisation’s performance.

It is within this context that MSDUK and Aston Business School have come together to create an exciting programme for ethnic minority businesses with the aim to:

  • Develop purpose-driven leadership
  • Lay strong business foundations build around values and ethics
  • Establish a personal business brand
  • Develop a successful business built around the ethos of ‘profit for purpose’
  • Integrate innovation, leadership and resilience for long term sustainability

This is an interactive programme that will explore leadership by combining insights from leading academics together with the real-life experiences of entrepreneurs who grapple with the questions of leadership on a daily basis. The programme will be delivered over 5 full day workshops spread across 5 months (April – Sept). Topics covered:

  1. Personal Branding: Who are you? What’s your story?
  2. Leading for the long-term: building and maintaining sustainable businesses
  3. Leadership and the many faces of innovation
  4. How resilient are you and your business?
  5. Leaders for the future: Integrating values, innovation and performance.

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Deadline for all applications 20th March 2018