B2B Engagement: BE GREAT Training & Development delivers training for Precision FM and Synergy Organisational Solutions

Be Great TrainingBackground:

BE GREAT Training & Development is an innovative company specialising in delivering bespoke training solutions tailored to work around the needs of their clients. The philosophy of the company is to make training an engaging experience.

‘Our training is delivered in an interactive way, we believe people learn more through active interaction and our approach makes training an engaging experience that avoids ‘death by PowerPoint’. Hiten Bhatt, Director, BE GREAT Training

BE GREAT Training joined the MSDUK network with the intention of meeting new clients and developing as a business. Through the MSDUK Network, BE GREAT Training came to contact with a number of Ethnic Minority Businesses (EMBs’) that required soft skills training solutions for their workforce.  


Recently BE GREAT Training have been working with other suppliers’ part of the MSDUK Network such as Precision FM and Synergy Organisational Solutions.    

‘We were approached by Precision FM at an MSDUK networking event to provide training for their core operations’ team. Our approach was to identify relevant areas and combine our training with the values of Precision FM’.

‘For Synergy Organisational Solutions we delivered training to their new staff on projects involved in the opening of two major contact centres for Hinduja Global Solutions (HGS)’. Hiten Bhatt, Director, BE GREAT Training.   


The training delivered by BE GREAT Training was tailored so it has minimal impact to day today duties and running of the business but maximum impact with the members who attended it found the training fun, informative and interesting’. Brij Thankey, Managing Director, Precision FM

After successfully engaging with other EMBs’ part of the network BE GREAT Training highlighted the importance of MSDUK in promoting member services.

‘The MSDUK network is absolutely invaluable and provides a brilliant opportunity to meet key people in various fields, I would say the advice is not to have a scatter-gun approach to networking, have a targeted approach, request who is attending the event beforehand’.

With this particular event with Precision FM we were given a platform from MSDUK to showcase some of our training in front of delegates at the event and we were approached by Precision FM to provide training for their staff. Hiten Bhatt, Director, BE GREAT Training