Q&A with Syed Ahmed, CEO of SAVORTEX, about his time on the Tuck residential programme



At the end of November, one of  the runners-up of the MSDUK 2017 Innovation Challenge, award winning entrepreneur, Syed Ahmed, Managing Director of SAVORTEX was at the Ivy Leagues’ Tuck School of Business in Dartmouth in the US, attending the week long residential – “Building High Performing Minority Business” programme, having been offered a full scholarship worth $10k by EY.

Tuck’s minority business education programmes help owners adjust their strategy, refine their operations, and build their enterprises to scale.

The “Building a High-Performing Minority Business” programme focuses on strategy implementation to drive results, leverage the value chain, and improve the bottom line. The programme is designed for owners of diverse businesses who are committed to advancing their business capabilities. A curriculum mixing strategy and operations helps these owners leverage the value chain to their full advantage. Participants also explore financial statements in order to get a better understanding of how they can improve cash flow and increase profits.

Over the last two years, 10 ethnic minority business-owners from the UK have attended this fully-funded residential at Tuck and earlier in September this year, MSDUK delivered a weekend residential programme here in the UK, delivered jointly by Tuck School of Business & Aston Business School, that was attended by 16 entrepreneurs from the UK and South Africa.

The MSDUK team reached out to Syed on the last day of the programme and asked him to share his thoughts and experience at Tuck. Here is a quick 60 seconds interview with Syed:



syed ahmed at tuck school of business


Syed, please tell us briefly about your business and how you secured this scholarship to attend the week-long residential at the Tuck School of Business?

SAVORTEX is an award winning British, IoT (internet of things) hand drying technology manufacturer and we have just launched our latest innovation. Built on Intel® ATOM technology, the adDryer uses just 1/3rd of the energy compared to traditional dryers, and monitors dryer usage and washroom footfall in real-time, then wirelessly reporting the data to the web for analytics, alerting cleaners to washroom inspections based on actual footfall.

Further, the adDryer shows a full motion advert in response to users drying their hands; it creates advertising revenue per dry for the washroom owner (and us) by allowing (and empowering) local businesses and media agencies to advertise to its users on a one-to-one basis.

The scholarship to attend the week-long residential – “Building a high performing minority business” at Ivy Leagues’ Tuck School of Business, Dartmouth was offered to me by EY after becoming one of the top three innovators at the MSDUK 2017 Innovation Challenge.

The biggest challenge for any entrepreneur attending this programme is being away from the business for at least a week. Having completed this programme, do you think it was time well spent and why?

Fortunately, we have a great team at SAVORTEX, so even though I missed them, they just got on with it! The Tuck BHPB programme is necessary for all entrepreneurs who want to scale up! So absolutely worth every minute.

Three top learnings from the programme?

1. Strategy
2. Financial planning
3. Scaling up!

What impact has attending this programme made on you as an individual and on your business?

I’m sure the impact will be high i.e. SAVORTEX will now scale up rapidly and realise its full ambition; it means everything!

Any thoughts / messages for entrepreneurs in the MSDUK network about this programme?

I recommend if anyone has the opportunity to attend the Tuck BHPB programme they should grab it with both hands!


To find out more about the 2018 programme, click here

To find out more information about the 2019 programme, please contact Priya Arora


Meet the newest Suppliers of 2018

Throughout 2018, MSDUK were proud and delighted to add 12 more suppliers to our ever expanding network. These businesses hail from a range of different industries and will be able to offer new, innovative ways of doing business with other suppliers and corporate organisations and drive up competition.

We look forward to welcoming them to our business and networking events in the New Year and providing them with access to new business opportunities.


evokeu Limited



Industry: Advertising, PR, Sales and marketing

PROFILE: evokeu provides design, development and online marketing services for small and medium sized businesses. evokeu is a design, development and online marketing company committed to helping small and medium sized businesses grow. By taking a collaborative approach, evokeu has experience of working in partnership with business leaders, consultants, and entrepreneurs for over 15 years. The company provides a broad range of flexible online and offline services, at budgets which suit the needs of all businesses and organisations. evokeu supports its clients by taking away technical headaches and keeping it simple – enabling them to focus on what they do best.




Industry:  Training

Filtered is an online platform that makes learners more productive by understanding their skills requirements and recommending learning content that will best build those skills. Think Netflix for learning.




Industry:  IT PROFILE: Innovify is a digital innovation & product management company offering a wide range of expertise, Innovify has become a valued partner to its clients by going beyond the typical scope of application development. Providing a full range digital service with sector specialists using an Agile & Lean philosophy; Innovify not only builds products but grows and transforms businesses as well.

NHZ Global

nhz global


Industry:  IT

PROFILE: We are a company based in U.K . We have huge experience and many satisfied clients. We provide one stop solution from Custom Software development, to hosting to website Design, development to iPhone application and Android applications to seo and social media marketing. * Resource Outsourcing * Custom software development * Dynamic and interactive website development * Web applications

Startsmart Consulting



Industry:  IT

PROFILE: We help organisations adopt Cloud Computing. At our very core we have the goal of delivering solutions to enable technological and business transformation.  We understand that the efficiency, performance and cost-effectiveness of public cloud means that it is an invaluable business enabler in any business or digital transformation. Many companies fall into the trap of treating cloud technologies like they would a traditional on-premise environment and fail to change their business and IT processes to suit. This in turn can lead to the loss of the promised benefits of cloud technologies.


swift fs


Industry:  Facilities Management

PROFILE: Swift FS services include: * Security Services – Manned SIA licensed guards who are backed by mobile patrols units * Commercial Cleaning – After Builders and Sparkle Cleaners, Caretakers * Traffic Marshals * Reception and Concierge Services – Front office staff, building concierge and security, meet and greet staff * Maintenance Support – Building and Hard Services Maintenance * Access Control Systems – Fingerprint/Face recognition/Iris scanners/Card/PIN/Barriers/Turnstiles

Transputec Ltd



Industry:  IT

PROFILE: Transputec provides IT Services and Solutions to leading organisations around the globe. We help you succeed in the digital era. Our ‘yes’ attitude and 30 years’ international experience gives you an end-to-end IT service to support you on your digital journey.

Web Epoch



Industry:  IT

PROFILE: Web-Epoch brings over twenty years’ experience delivering bespoke business applications, data-integration and e-commerce solutions. Our knowledge helps you plan, design and build your technology systems. Our vision and knowledge gives you access to new technologies that improve your business.

zsah Ltd



Industry:  IT

PROFILE: Established in 2002, zsah provides managed cloud and IT services. Our service offerings add value to your existing functions or complement your IT operations, where and when you want. Our Service offerings include; Private, Multi and Hybrid Cloud, Application Hosting, Managed services, Managed Hosting and DR. Together with our robust, reliable infrastructure, our people can support, develop and manage your technology needs so you can do what you do best. This combination of personal service, experience, and strong architecture is rare, and having it yields potent capabilities, maintained and developed for you. With the kind of partners, experience and ethics that characterise zsah, we enjoy exceptionally high loyalty, satisfaction and retention rates from our customers.

Linguist Point



Industry: Business Services / Consultancy

PROFILE: Linguist Point Ltd is an agency that covers around 300 languages and it has been established with the aim of providing interpreting and translation services to both public and the private sector.  We are a company that relies on delivering great results and there is no measure clearer than the quality of the service we provide. Below are the services we provide: * Face to face interpreting * Telephonic-interpreting * Conference Interpreting * Certificate translation

 Xalient Holdings



Industry:  IT

PROFILE: Behaviour & culture transformation in large complex organisations using People Analytics, Psychology, & Agile Methodology.
We create ground up behaviour & culture change for global brand names with record-breaking ROI and international awards for transformation, innovation, & leadership development.

Tao Leadership

tao leadership


Industry:  Business Services/ Consultancy

PROFILE: We are an independent consultancy and a Managed Services Provider.  Xalient has specialist expertise in Network and Security transformations as well as Unified Communications and Contact Centres. We support companies as they migrate applications to the cloud, to leverage SD-WAN and other disruptive WAN/security technologies that are more relevant today, especially as reliance on internet connectivity is on the increase. Our customers include Kellogg, Kraft Heinz, Keurig Dr Pepper, WPP, Warner Music Group, Skanska etc. Our financial services customers are Santander (unified communications, provided via BT) and Guardian Financial Services.

Toy inventor Assim Ishaque to gift toys to deserving kids this Christmas


An award winning toy inventor from Nottingham, plans to gift his toys to deserving children that might not otherwise get a wonderful gift this Christmas.

‘Whilst the Christmas season is full of joy and happiness, for some people, this really a tough time,’ said Assim Ishaque, 46,  Inventor of these tactile pixel art bricks that he originally invented for his own children in Nottingham.

‘I’ve seen how much happiness Simbrix brings and want spread a little cheer in the season of giving’

Simbrix is a pixel art brick toy for children and adults, non gender biased creativity toy, that is fun, distracting, relaxing and an alternative to consoles, tablets and computer games.

Simbrix has opened nominations for children, from 6 years old, that have shown courage, been caring for an ill family member, or whose family maybe going through difficult times.

The child might just brighten everyone’s day or needs cheering up and would enjoy being creative with Simbrix’s pixel art beads.

Nominations can come from family, friends, teachers, carers or someone that really know the child and their situation.  Simbrix is funding the whole thing. The short application is at http://www.simbrix.com/giveagift

Our moto is ‘Connect and Wow’, said Jarrid, 25, Creative Director of Simbrix, who started with company as an apprentice two years ago.

‘This is about recognising deserving children and sharing, which for me is one of the true meanings of Christmas’.

‘I don’t work for Santa’ said Assim, ‘but hope he approves of what we are trying to do’.

For more information about Simbrix, visit their official website: https://www.simbrix.com or watch a video explanation here: https://youtu.be/Xom90VdeSns

You can also find more information about the project with the #SimbrixGiveaGift hashtag.



zsah give MSDUK members early BETA access to Gridz- unreleased multi-cloud management platform

For many years the cloud industry was plagued by a major debate – Public vs Private cloud. Whilst Multi-Cloud helps to dissolve that debate, it brings about it’s own complications, namely the pool of resources required in order to manage an entire cloud estate. 

But that has all changed now…

The public vs private cloud debate has been going on for many years now.


The difference between the two is that in a public cloud, like Amazon AWS, the cloud resources (such as hardware, storage and network devices) are shared with other organisations. Whereas in private cloud the services and infrastructure are always maintained on a private network and the hardware and software are dedicated solely to your organisation. Find out more about private cloud here: https://www.zsah.net/private-cloud/.

However, the private v public cloud debate seems almost irrelevant now, with multi-cloud becoming overwhelmingly popular among many organisations.

“A multi-cloud strategy is the use of two or more cloud computing services” as Tech-Target defines it.  According to 451 research, 69% of Enterprises will have multi-cloud environments by 2019.

Multi-cloud has helped to mitigate risk and provides organisations with a variety of different providers skill sets, depending on your needs. Multi-cloud can help you get the perfect hybrid solution, settling the public vs private argument once and for all, by having the best of both worlds.

However there is a disadvantage with multi-cloud, that is, the simple fact that managing it can be complicated and therefore requires expertise.

Until now…


Gridz is a multi-cloud management platform that seamlessly integrates with your cloud infrastructure, saving you time and money, whilst giving you control.

Most of all, the Gridz dashboard is totally free!

Gridz was created with the purpose of helping to simplify the way in which you manage your cloud infrastructure; making it secure, transparent and easy to use. Gridz’ main features and advantages include;

  1. Fast and Intuitive –  Spend up to 40% less time using the easy to use interface, featuring smart environment templates and advanced customisation options to manage your cloud infrastructure
  2. Multi-Cloud Support –  Use Gridz to manage your existing infrastructure with multiple cloud vendors simultaneously
  3. Transparent Pricing –  We pride ourselves in being able to offer honest, up-front pricing. With Gridz, you’ll always know exactly what you’re paying for. No more nasty surprises at the end of the month. On top of that, you can make the most of our cloud comparison tool, so you know you are making the correct choice when spinning up VM’s!
  4. Powerful Cloud Templates –  By signing up to our partner program, we offer custom pre-configured templates reducing your work from days to just a few clicks!
  5. User Role Management –  We’ve made it easy to manage and control financial, contractor and developer access. A detailed log is kept of all sessions, and all actions made can be reverted at the click of a button.
  6. GDPR, ISO & G-Cloud Compliant –  Keeping your data secure has been our priority since 2002. We are ISO 9001, 27001, G-Cloud and GDPR compliant, and we can help you meet the same requirements.

Gridz and MSDUK: LIMITED TIME OFFER ( expires on December 31st 2018!)

At the MSDUK Conference in Birmingham on 25th -26th September, zsah previewed Gridz to many of the attendees, which was met with an excellent response.

Since then, we have worked with a number of organisations within the MSDUK network, including start-ups.

Gridz has not been released to the general public yet, but we would like to provide an exclusive offer to the MSDUK network, to gain BETA access, to see just how Gridz can save your organisation time and money.

Stop getting frustrated by your cloud infrastructure and visit https://gridz.io/, call 02070606032 or email hello@gridz.io to find out how Gridz can help you today.

MSDUK: 2018 in Numbers

2018 has been an outstanding year and here are the numbers to prove it! Before we flip the calendar to 2019, let’s have a look at our 2018 stats.

2018 in numbers_header2018 in numbers_12018 in numbers_2