IBM named in Top 5 of America’s Top 50 Organizations for Multicultural Business Opportunities

In February 2018, IBM was selected as one of  America’s Top 50 Organizations (#4) for Multicultural Business Opportunities by OMNIKAL, known as the “Omni50.”
The Omni50 represent the Top 50 Organizations who are awarding the most business to the growing culturally diverse marketplace across the United States. These same organizations are also successfully appealing to the growing millennial generation, which, by 2020, will be the largest diverse market segment in America (a market segment that is forcing brands to evolve from minority/diversity paradigms to inclusion). Read more about it here;

T-Sticks of London are FoodTalk Awards finalists!

STICKSOLOGY Press release v1

After an overwhelming response to a call for nominations, the finalists of The FoodTalk Awards 2018 have been announced, following the first round of judging.  In addition, the judges have chosen a host of Gold Award winners, who all get to showcase their winning products on the awards evening for a chance to win the people’s choice Big Apple award. The judges must now decide several category winners in time for a glamorous awards ceremony this summer.


These deserving finalists face a nerve-jangling further process of scrutiny as they vie with each other to be named winners in these prestigious awards. Judges had entries from more than 200 companies – a truly amazing response.


All the winners of the national awards this year will be announced at a glittering ceremony at the Banking Hall in the City of London on 15 June. Tickets are on general sale from Thursday 15 March,, so be sure to book early. This event is a hugely popular celebration of the UK’s very best talent and technology in the food sector.


The FoodTalk Awards have become the most-talked-about food event of the year. The Awards, organised by The FoodTalk Show, a popular weekly podcast which champions innovation and excellence in the emerging sector of FoodTech, honouring the foodie futurists and forward thinkers in the UK.


Following on from the huge success of last year’s inaugural Awards ceremony, eight categories are up for grabs. They both celebrate the smartest products in food, drink, technology and packaging and recognise everything from food products and innovative packaging to smart kitchen gadgets and apps.


“Congratulations to all our entrants who made it to the last, most demanding stage of The FoodTalk Awards competition,” says FoodTalk show presenter and awards judge Sue Nelson, who is a food writer, former CEO of NW Fine Foods and CEO of Breakthrough Group the sponsors behind The FoodTalk Show.


“Getting this far is an amazing achievement because choosing the finalists was one of the hardest tasks I’ve had on any judging panel. Now, perhaps, the very toughest part is about to begin – honing our search on the eventual winners!


“To all those companies that just missed the final cut this time, please take heart. This is a tough awards competition across all sectors and choosing our final shortlist was incredibly difficult as the bar was set so high. You have it all to play for next year.”


Sue Nelson concludes: “The number and quality of entries was astounding, and the diversity of companies that will be represented at this year’s FoodTalk Awards is inspiring. We are looking forward to an amazing celebration on 15 June 2018 at the Banking Hall. See you there!”


Tickets are £140 plus VAT on general sale but will be discounted to £120 plus VAT to finalists who can purchase their first two tickets at that price, but then, full price for additional tickets.


The finalists for the FoodTalk Awards 2018 are:


All in the Taste Award – food

A food product that uses unusual ingredients and combinations to achieve a wonderful taste profile.


The following are gold award winners:

  • Baked by Neelu – Signature chocolate brownies (gluten, dairy and soya free and vegan)
  • Kinomi Nuts – Bari bari barus (wild nut grown in pods in Brazil’s Cerrado savanna)
  • Fifth Dimension Chocolates – Soy caramel sauce (soya sauce-based caramel)
  • Rubies in the Rubble – Banana ketchup (made with food waste bananas)
  • Morocco Gold – Single estate extra virgin olive oil (Morocco’s first extra virgin olive oil)

The People’s Choice award will be chosen by our guests at the awards dinner.




All in the Taste Award – drink

A drink product that uses unusual ingredients and combinations to achieve a wonderful taste profile.


The following are gold award winners:

  • YumCha – Moroccan mint ice tea (using gunpowder tea leaves that make berber whisky)
  • World of Zing – Bordeaux barrel aged negroni (aromatic and complex bitter cocktail)
  • Dalston’s – Cola (cola nuts, citrus, spices and lavender)
  • Longflint Drinks Co – Hibiscus, gin tonic (cold brewed hibiscus flowers in gin and tonic)
  • Double Dutch – Pomegranate and basil tonic water (herbaceous aroma with sweet finish)

The People’s Choice award will be chosen by our guests on the night of the awards dinner.


Clean Eating Award

A traditional factory-produced food or drink product that has been stripped of preservatives, additives or other ingredients and now offers a healthier, cleaner choice.


The following are finalists:

  • Moose Maple – Moose maple butter (just British butter, maple syrup and a touch of salt)
  • Hunter & Gather – Avocado oil mayonnaise (just avocado oil, egg yolk, cider vinegar, salt)
  • On The Menu – Real good ketchup (78% less salt and xylitol from sustainable birch forests)
  • Green Cola – Green Cola (using stevia and natural caffeine from green coffee beans)
  • Urban Cordial – Apple, lemon and fennel cordial (just apple, lemon, fennel, sugar)
  • Eat First – Teriyaki tofu (vegan, dairy and gluten free using GM-free soy beans)


Two silver awards and the gold winner will be chosen by our judging panel for announcement at the awards dinner.


Free-From Award

A food or drink product where traditional allergens or ingredients have been removed, but you would never know it.  We’re talking great taste without the nasties.


The following are finalists:

  • Nutcrafter Creamery – Ancient cheddah (vegan)
  • Bonnie Yau – Thai style satay sauce (vegan and peanut free)
  • Mr. Singh’s – Punjabi cooking paste (vegan and gluten free)
  • La Cremerie – Vanilla yogurt (dairy and sugar free)
  • Champion & Reeves – Dessert nougat (gluten and gelatine free)
  • Oast to Host – Pastry mix (gluten and wheat flour free)


Two silver awards and the gold winner will be chosen by our judging panel for announcement at the awards dinner.


Smart Packaging Award

Not pretty packaging, but product innovation to protect and transport our food and drink, whether for retail, takeaway or delivery.


The following are finalists:

  • Wool Cool – Sustainable packaging
  • WK Thomas – Eco-friendly range
  • T Sticks of London – T stick
  • Snact – Plastic-free packaging
  • Tiggs – Tiny Tigg pack
  • Cornware – Biodegradable sushi tray


Two silver awards and the gold winner will be chosen by our judging panel for announcement at the awards dinner.


Smart Tech/Kitchen Award

Smart gadgets, apps and technology to make cooking, preparing or analysing our food easy-peasy.


The following are finalists:

  • Sous Vide Tools – iVide cooker
  • Mr Lees – Noodle kiosk
  • Kafoodle – Kafoodle
  • Teapy – Teapy
  • Still on the Move – Mobile distillery
  • Yumpingo – Food intelligence platform


Two silver awards and the gold winner will be chosen by our judging panel for announcement at the awards dinner.


Presenters’ Award

The weirdest food, drink, gadget or technology that we’ve had on The FoodTalk Show in the last year. The winner will be the product that we think is different but incredibly clever at the same time.


The following are finalists:

  • The Vurger Co – 100% plant-based burgers
  • Dunnet Bay Distillers – Holy grass vodka
  • The Chocolate Smiths – Cheese and cracker chocolate
  • St Ewe – Boost the roost free range eggs


The gold winner will be chosen by our presenters for announcement at the awards dinner.


The Impossible to Categorise Award

The most interesting food-related person or company that we’ve had on The FoodTalk Show in the last year. The winner will be someone we believe is making a real contribution to the food sector.


The following are finalists:

  • Little Cook Box
  • Petrow Quality Kernels
  • Gerald McDonald & Co
  • Helen Roberts of Wandsworth Foodies

The gold winner will be chosen by our presenters for announcement at the awards dinner.


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Leadership Coach and CEO of BE GREAT Training Hiten Bhatt to speak about his new leadership book at grand London event

On the top of the world




International Speaker, Author, Leadership Coach and CEO of BE GREAT Training Hiten Bhatt will be speaking about his new book, “The Leadership Adventure – Five Powerful Secrets Every Leader Should Know to Motivate People & Maximise Productivity” at a grand event in London on the 12th July.


The book contains five powerful secrets of leadership, it is a book for anyone who finds themselves in a leadership position and wants to do a better job. We are all leaders! If you are a parent you are a leader to your child, if you have a spouse, partner or friend you will at times be a leader to them and of course if in your career or business you are responsible for a team you are a leader. Leadership extends into all areas of life, developing great leadership qualities in people is vital for organizations and businesses to stay ahead of the competition and really maximize productivity, profits and results. Leadership is also a journey of self-discovery and personal development, an adventure! This book will teach you how to really get the most out of your yourself and your people through a unique perspective on leadership and personal growth.

To obtain your copy please visit


Hiten’s training workshops and coaching workshops are unique, transformational experiences that have positively impacted businesses and changed the lives of individuals all around the world. Hiten, previously worked in the legal profession and left his career in law to pursue his calling, teaching leaders from all walks of life and backgrounds, from CEOs, senior executives, entrepreneurs, professional athletes, teachers, parents and young people how they can give their true gift to the world and unleash their true potential. He delivers his brand of magic with humour, play and deep practical insight. He is the founder of BE GREAT Training, a business built on the principle that learning, growth and improvement is an exciting adventure of discovery that never ends. Hiten often asks leaders an interesting question, if living things grow, and you are not growing, what are you?


Please see video links below to see the BE GREAT Workshops in action:-


To find out more about the talk on the 12th July or about how Hiten could help develop your team please email or call 07817899762 for an initial discussion.

zsah becomes a vital weapon in the war on GDPR.


The war between most companies and public-sector organisations and GDPR has reached its peak lately, with many making it over the 25th May finishing line.

Up until recently, GDPR was the clear winner in this battle, with many CEO’s quivering in fear as GDPR dominated their workload, leaving the rest of their organisation stranded.

However, the sides soon equalised and organisations were able to return to their day to day business, leaving the stress of the GDPR battle behind them.

How? They changed their strategy.

Rather than focusing on the daunting task of ensuring their entire organisation was compliant, they shifted their focus and chose to protect one key aspect, their email.

zsah 1

Like any good strategy, they had to review where others, like them, had fallen. Some of the most famous recent cases of data breaches have happened through email. This included recent high-profile cases such as Age UK’s breach that compromised up to 5,000 of their employees. Age UK’s breach happened because an employee sent out sensitive data to a non-secure email address.

Similarly, The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea were fined £120,000 by the ICO because they accidentally identified 943 people who owned vacant properties in the borough via an email attachment.

In fact, according to Osterman research, 74% of a company’s intellectual property resides in an email or attachment, making email the hardest to justify not protecting.

With resources running low and time running short, organisations played their trump card and used zsah’s Secure Email Gateway as the main weapon to secure private email data.

zsah’s Secure Email Gateway combines award winning email gateway software with GDPR policies enabled, along with the full email encryption service, to offer protection on their entire email.

The protection includes (but is not limited to) PDF attachments, inbound attacks, outbound accidental data loss, password protection and offers a secure way to send any commercially sensitive information using encryption, even if the person receiving the email doesn’t have encrypted email their side! (More information:

However, the technology and software within zsah’s GDPR busting solution was not the only thing that made it so effective. At only £120, per user/per year (+VAT), the solution was low cost enough and therefore further enabled organisations to get back to day to day normality, in the aftermath of the GDPR war. Organisations were up and running within the hour (installation only took a matter of minutes as it’s cloud based) and it did not affect the smooth running of their current email system. The service works with all major email providers, such as Office 365, Microsoft Exchange, and G Suite, Notes for Business.

It’s not too late, GDPR has not won yet.

If you want to join the many organisations that use zsah’s email gateway as the ultimate weapon in the fight for GDPR compliance, then call us today on 020 7060 6032, or email

Good luck!


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Gibbs Hybrid chooses Infoshare, Europe’s largest tech event, to preview product announcements and showcase its new Poland business operation.

Gibbs Hybrid staff at the Infoshare Conference

Gibbs Hybrid staff at the Infoshare Conference

Gibbs Hybrid, the single source supplier of technology, outsourcing and talent management, gave a preview of its upcoming BUDI (Business Platform for Unified Development and Integration) solution at this week’s Infoshare conference in Gdansk, Poland.  The company’s new Poland manager, Marta Lyczmanska, was on hand at the Gibbs Hybrid booth to introduce her team and discuss business opportunities with the 3000-plus attendees at the show.

‘We see Poland as a significant new business opportunity,’ said Gibbs Hybrid founder and CEO Farida Gibbs. ‘The level of technology expertise there is high and the talent pool is deep.  We believe that potential clients in Poland, especially those with a global footprint, will respond well to our proven ability to deliver the best solutions at the best price, remove barriers to innovation, and thereby gain competitive advantage.’

Added Marta Lyczmanska, ‘In the race for talent, in Poland as elsewhere, Gibbs Hybrid has the edge.  The edge is our ability to quickly and successfully match projects to people, and maintain an ongoing relationship with both the consultant and client throughout the life of the project.’

Photo 23-05-2018, 15 31 16

The company took the opportunity to preview its BUDI service during the Infoshare conference.  BUDI provides businesses with the ‘digital glue’ they need to integrate the multiple systems and processes that support HR, Procurement and Recruitment activities.  Gibbs Hybrid Head of Technology, Digital & Data James Waite presented the platform to a full house at the conference. ‘We had an audience that spanned potential candidates as well as potential corporate users of the platform,’ he said. ‘Feedback from both of those sides was very positive, because the issue of managing multiple databases and double keying of information is frustrating to everyone.  BUDI offers a way through this to a more integrated, seamless experience.’

Based in Wallington Surrey, Gibbs Hybrid was founded in 2006 and now has additional offices in Manchester, Dublin, Luxembourg and New Jersey.

Photo 23-05-2018, 12 51 35


Top 100

Sustainable bamboo tissue manufacturer The Cheeky Panda has made it into the UK’s top 100 startups.

Coming in at 58 this recognition is a huge accomplishment for The Cheeky Panda team. This is the first time the sustainable company has appeared on the list since co founders Julie Chen and Chris Forbes started The Cheeky Panda in 2016. In this short space of time The Cheeky Panda have developed a juicy range of bamboo tissue products. From toilet tissues, facial tissues, pocket tissues, dinner napkins and their award winning bamboo kitchen rolls. It seems the only way is up for The Cheeky Panda, when using their bamboo tissues you can quite literally save the trees with every sneeze! And with each pack brought your money will go towards protecting rain forests in Vietnam. Their natural tissues are the first in the UK to be vegan registered and are also available on Amazon, Ocado, Wholefoods, Planet Organic, As Nature Intended, coming soon to Morrisons and Booths. With listings internationally, it won’t be long until the whole planet is getting Cheeky like the panda!

To join the conversation head over to The Cheeky Panda Facebook, Instagram and Twitter where The Cheeky Panda hold regular Eco competitions!  #StayCheeky

To see The Cheeky Panda’s feature in UK Top 100 Startups please follow the link:

Centuro Global to speak at BUSINESS AND NETWORKING GROWTH LONDON , co-hosted by Dynamyk Events

dynamyk and centuro event

When: Wednesday 6th June

Where: We Works, Aldgate Towers, 2 Leman St, Whitechapel, E1 8FA ; 18:00 – 21:00

Cost: £5 (includes drinks and refreshments)


BNGL is London’s largest and leading independent business network event targeted at the Black business owner. In a relaxed, spacious open planned setting of We Works Aldgate (pictured), the events aims to attract business owners, directors and senior management from a rich and diverse mix of business sectors. MSDUK members Dynamyk Events are hosting the event, alongside,  an online hub of all things theatre, music, culture, arts, films, business events and news of interest to London’s growing African Caribbean community.  Esteemed speakers at the event include Centuro Global, a business growth consultancy who are also a part of the MSDUK network.

The event encourages business to business connections, speaking opportunities, pitching sessions and development of new contacts and leads. During the event attendees will also be able to attend themed workshops and direct business to business  ‘Meet the Buyer’ sessions worth thousands in potential business.


  • Network with 200+ attendees
  • Attend free themed workshops. (Procurement – Being ‘Supply Fit’ and Raising Business Finance)
  • Free Speed Networking Sessions
  • Free Pitching and Speaking Opportunities
  • African Style ‘Barter Wall’.
  • Meet the Buyer



Exhibiting at BNGL is one of the most productive and effective avenues available for Black led businesses to reach, network and do business with other like -minded business owners.

Having a presence at this event will provide you with the opportunity to put your business directly in front of an audience of over 200+ entrepreneurs and business owners eager to buy from businesses like yours from as little as £50.

As you well know research upon research has shown that exhibiting at a trade event is the most cost effective way to advertise to a niche target market and create brand awareness, leads and greater sales.

The audience is comprised of carefully chosen attendees who are eager to connect and do business with companies like yours.

By exhibiting at BNGL you will:

  • Meet hundreds of potential leads for your business face-to-face 
  • Put your business in front of 200+ ‘ready to buy’ businesses
  • Generate brand awareness of your product or services
  • Make fruitful, long lasting business relationships
  • Network, generate leads, make sales and future contacts


The event will include businesses in the following sectors:

  • Business Management and Coaching
  • Professional Services (HR, Law, Accounting etc.)
  • Trade and Construction Services
  • Finance
  • IT & Computing
  • Web, Graphic Design and other creative services
  • Fitness
  • Food and Drink
  • Communication, Apps and Technology
  • Retail (large and small)
  • Fashion and Beauty
  • Merchandising and more


CLICK HERE TO BUY AN EXHIBITION STAND (From £50) or  Tel: 0794 9529 231 / 07817 701413 (E: for more info.


Leading web magazine DESIBLITZ triples turnover and launches online shop


Founder and Advertising Director Indi Deol with intern Selina Jahangir

A leading British Asian web magazine has expanded its business by launching a virtual store showcasing merchandise based on Asian culture.

Inspired by tripling its turnover in the last year, the leading publication’s new shop boasts over 40 bespoke designs across a range of clothing and other merchandising items, reflecting a “mix of British and Asian cultures”, bringing communities together through tongue in cheek designs and fashion.

Launching worldwide this week, the shop showcases a range of humorous designs, making cultural statements and encouraging people to engage and celebrate Asian heritage. Indi Deol, Founder and Advertising Director at said:

“This is a really big step for us as a publication and as a business. We’ve never done any merchandise in the past, and to launch this arm of the business as a natural progression based on the demand and engagement driven by our content is a real testament to our writers and editorial approach.”

Established in 2008, has grown its team to 30 people, driving its readership over the last 10 years, with the platform now attracting over 300,000 visitors a month. Indi added:

“We’ve always had sophisticated design capabilities in-house, but we’re using these skills now to reach out to new audiences and make a difference. We feel the development mirrors the ethos of the Innovation Birmingham Campus, as we’re immersed in a thriving community where people are always thinking of new ways to innovate and disrupt markets.

“Being immersed in an innovative environment keeps us on the cutting edge, ensuring we’re current and up to date, which have all been inspiring factors behind the shop’s launch.”

The project has also presented opportunities for promising young talent in Birmingham, recruiting 22-year-old Selina Jahangir, graduate intern from Birmingham City University, specialising in graphics to innovate through design. Now in her third month at, Selina said:

“It’s been a great experience to be involved in the launch of such a significant new part of the publication. I’ve been able to put my own stamp on the designs, and it’s great to be putting my training at BCU into action and see my work published on a well-established platform.”

Selina now works alongside two other Birmingham City University interns at, specialising in video production and journalism respectively.

The launch of the online shop indicates the second stage of development for the business, following the opening of its jobs board last year, promoting diversity through the recruitment process and linking promising candidates with employers.


Find out more about and visit the shop here.


Futura chosen by accountancy Industry Disruptor Capium to Fast Track Growth



MSDUK Supplier Futura has been appointed by accountancy industry disruptor Capium to build on their existing success and create an integrated strategy to spearhead future growth.

Capium is an innovative cloud based software suite that provides accountants with a dashboard of powerful tools for accounts production and helps them run a more streamlined and efficient accountancy practice, through their range of practice management tools.

Futura’s Managing Director, Rahul Katrak, commented “We’re highly excited to have the opportunity to work with Capium – a brand with a very talented management team and HUGE growth prospects.

Our first challenge will be repositioning the brand which has previously been marketed merely on features, functionality and price.

The SAAS (Software As A Service) marketplace has evolved hugely in recent years and rampant competition from some very well funded players means that a great product is not enough to scale, grow and conquer new markets.

We have to move Capium beyond being a commodity to being an experience and a community that accountants can remain connected to.

Our vision is to position Capium as more than a smart software tool, it is a means of disrupting a very tired and overworked industry, bogged down with compliance, changing HMRC rules and uncertainties over Brexit.

Capium will be positioned as the game changer that elevates the role of the accountant from a number cruncher to an empowered financial consultant. It is a tool for dynamic change for those accountants that dare to dream and that want to drive efficiencies and add value with cloud accounting software.

After we’ve redefined the brand proposition, we’ll then be moving on to refreshing Capium’s  visual identity and each element of their sales and marketing collateral.  The website is especially key to generating sales and we will be working with Capium closely to enhance this marketing channel, moving it from a passive online brochure to a compelling and sales driven medium.
Moving forwards, we’ll be helping Capium develop their marketing strategy with some very exciting campaigns and building their relationship with their target audience to increase sales.

Capium commented “We chose Futura because of their joined up approach to business growth that encompasses strategy consulting, brand positioning and marketing. This synergy of skills, combined with their entrepreneurial flair is rare to find.   So far we’ve been delighted with Futura’s ideas, fresh thinking and vision for Capium and we look forward to seeing the results of their strategies in the months to come.”