“2018 – an exciting year to be a Geek”


Geeks celebrate milestone acheivements including growth and going green in year’s first quarter

Since its inception in 2007, Geeks has seen supersonic growth and can boast a customer base from all sectors, including the BBC, HMV, EasyJet, Houses of Parliament, Council of Europe and Royal College of General Practitioners. Feedback from the customer base, as shown in  the testimonials below, is simply outstanding. Staffing has grown to 80 people from the original three directors. More than 400 large and complex projects have been completed from inception to today and repeat business is 45%, which is almost unheard of.
2018 is a very exciting year to be a Geek. Having won several exciting and innovative Bespoke Software Projects in the last quarter Geeks are set up with a positive stance for the year ahead, fuelled by further developments in our disruptive technologies pushing the boundaries. Riding the wave of success from 2017’s award for Outstanding Innovation from the Global Business Excellence Awards. Geeks’ innovations in development and project delivery only serve to make Geeks even more competitive in Bespoke Software Development for speed, quality and complexity.
With actions inside the office including the new Senior management level making great strides in helping the business towards 100+ colleagues. In addition and on a more environmental level the Geeks have been hard at work driving the business towards becoming virtually plastic free. In a bid to have a lower carbon footprint as well as reducing our dependency on plastics, Geeks have decided to get rid of disposable containers and cups, as well as move to glass and ceramics in addition to reducing our deliveries to name a select few actions.


For more information about Geeks, please visit their website : https://www.geeks.ltd.uk/