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Supplier Diversity and Inclusion within Cummins

 By Denis Ford MBA MCIPS Corporate Indirect Purchasing International Leader EMEA, NE/SE Asia & S. Pacific, Cummins

cumminsAt Cummins you appreciate the culture and core values which we are immersed in, we all have a role to play in adopting a growth mind-set to further develop Cummins from a multi-national to a global company. I have been with Cummins for almost 11 years now, and in procurement for a lot more, and have seen great strides taken on many fronts and especially on the journey of diversity and inclusion.  From on-boarding of new employees through to peer group adoption, going from a US based initiative to a truly global program through diversity advocates and champions nurtured in all regions.

At Cummins, we have a long legacy of commitment and recognize diversity as one of our Company’s six core values.  Cummins understands that businesses owned by diverse suppliers help contribute to the overall economic growth and well-being of the communities in which we live and work.  We also understand that establishing strategic partnerships with our suppliers helps create value for our customers and provides us with a competitive advantage.  Collaborating with such businesses to provide goods and services to our company creates a cross-cultural competency that only comes from multiple perspectives.

At the core of Cummins, and embodied in our philosophy is Diversity. Cummins works with suppliers who complement our values and operate across cultures, functions, languages, differing in age, gender, race, nationality, ability and language, as well as in personality, behaviour, sexual orientation and religious beliefs.

My purpose is to seek to align potential diverse and underrepresented supplier groups to Cummins opportunities to enable evaluation and selection of the best suppliers for our businesses. This includes:

  • Creating and implementing a regional diversity and inclusion plan for the purchasing organisations within regions
  • Working with recognised organisations to identify, communicate, educate and select potential suppliers to be included in Cummins sourcing opportunities
  • Participating in, and effectively contributing to, recognised organisation events
  • Networking with other Corporate organisations that are aligned with the same values and philanthropic beliefs to further enhance the diversity and inclusion work within Cummins and other Corporate entities for the benefit of minority groups
  • Communicating the business case for supplier diversity and inclusion internally with all stakeholders at every opportunity to ensure diversity becomes an integral part of the procurement process at all levels.

It is the intent of Cummins that opportunity shall be given to diverse businesses to participate as suppliers and contractors to Cummins in their area of expertise. We are committed to fostering business growth through outreach efforts and supplier development in order to cultivate potential suppliers and to educate them on the Cummins processes so that they have a full understanding and can compete on an equal level.

Cummins is dedicated to working with diverse suppliers that best deliver excellent products and services to our stakeholders.  Through Cummins Diversity Procurement Initiative our goal is to increase purchasing opportunities with diverse suppliers by developing and engaging new and existing diverse suppliers.

I am proud to be a leader in a company that embraces diversity as a core value. I am committed to supporting the work of our Cummins Diversity Procurement Initiative both to help foster diverse and small business development and to ensure that Cummins provides excellent service and the best products to our stakeholders every day.

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