HS2 business opportunities for suppliers of all types and sizes

High Speed Two (HS2), is the biggest and most ambitious infrastructure project Britain has seen for decades, and the first new railway to be built north of London in over 120 years. The construction of Phase One of HS2 presents a great opportunity for local and diverse suppliers from large and small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs), to bid for contracts worth around £10bn in total.

HS2 will generate thousands of jobs, drive regional regeneration and help rebalance the economy. The project will need a full range of works, goods and services, covering many sectors, over the total programme’s 20-year lifespan. Through contributing their innovation, experience and capabilities, businesses from across the UK of all types and sizes will help make HS2 an exemplary project.

The scale and duration of the programme means that there is a significant an opportunity to create deep, long-lasting changes in skills, jobs and diversity. HS2 plan to work with suppliers to create life-changing opportunities for local and under-represented people and businesses. High expectations will be set during procurement and within contracts for equal opportunities, skills and employment – and progress will be monitored throughout the delivery lifecycle.

Whilst HS2 will directly procure and manage a relatively small number of high-value major works contracts, this will lead to a high number of lower value sub-contracts through the supply chain, engaging a much larger and more diverse range of smaller suppliers. In addition, HS2 will have numerous, ongoing requirements to support the running of the business and many of these ‘corporate’ opportunities are likely to be suitable for SMEs.

The business section of the HS2 website aims to provide the basic information needed to help suppliers identify and prepare for HS2 business opportunities.  This can be accessed by searching for ‘HS2 business’ at www.gov.uk/hs2.

It includes the HS2 Supplier Guide and FAQs for information on how to identify and prepare to take advantage of HS2 business opportunities.

  • To identify direct contract opportunities with HS2, visit The UK Government’s Contracts Finder where details of direct procurements are advertised. Where appropriate, some direct opportunities will also be sourced through existing public sector frameworks.  To find out how to join an existing framework, visit the Crown Commercial Services website.
  • To identify indirect contract opportunities in the HS2 supply chain, register on CompeteFor. CompeteFor is an electronic brokerage tool that is free to use and enables businesses to search and compete for contract opportunities linked to major UK public and private sector buying organisations. HS2 will encourage its supply chain to advertise details of all appropriate contract opportunities here.
    In addition, visit the ‘Contract Opportunities’ section of the website, where details of direct opportunities and the stage of procurement for each opportunity are published. Contact details for those suppliers who have been shortlisted at the invitation to tender (ITT) stage and direct suppliers who have been awarded work on HS2 are included, so that you can contact them directly to find out about opportunities in their supply chains.

Information from HS2 Supply Chain Conferences, including the presentations from the day and any upcoming events can be accessed by searching for ‘HS2 events’ at www.gov.uk/hs2.

If you have any queries or comments, please contact the HS2 Supply Chain Team at scc@hs2.org.uk

Precision FM Provides Facilities Management Service for 50 Enterprise Rent-A-Car Outlets

PRECISION FM_LogoThe Company: 

Precision FM is a national Facilities Management (FM) organisation operating across the UK and Ireland. The company prides itself on its extensive knowledge of all legislative requirements connected with building management and usage. Furthermore it places great emphasis on flexibility and controlled service solutions. The business is split into three core operating areas, maintenance, compliance and projects.


Enterprise Rent-A-Car enquired about FM service providers and the possibility for a supplier to take part in its tendering process.

With over 50 branches in our regional network in East Midlands/East Anglia we have an ongoing requirement for facility management related services – repair works, maintenance, facility improvements to name a few. We look for business partners who will provide both good levels of service and value, and who conduct their business in a responsible manner. We highly value our own brand and consider business partners as an extension of this.” Steven Sherburn, Group Operations Manager, Enterprise Rent-A-Car


“An introduction to Precision FM was made by MSDUK and a meeting promptly arranged. Brij Thankey, Managing Director visited our Head Office to introduce his company and explain his service offering Precision FM offer quite a broad range of service giving the nature of their business and whilst they have not been successful in every tender process they entered, we have been able to work together on such items as the servicing and maintenance of our gas boilers. I feel our relationship is very positive and one that is developing as we both get to understand our respective business model and requirements”. Steven Sherburn, Group Operations Manager, Enterprise Rent-A-Car

After being successful in the tendering process Precision FM are now looking after the entire East Midlands office branches of Enterprise Rent-A-Car, a total of 50 units.

“The MSDUK network ensures that you talk to the right people and that’s what has helped me…. With a company like Enterprise for us to get noticed would have cost a lot in marketing and to have an opportunity to work with them would have taken 5-6 years of trying if I went through more traditional methods”. Brij Thankey, Managing Director, Precision FM.  

B2B Engagement: BE GREAT Training & Development delivers training for Precision FM and Synergy Organisational Solutions

Be Great TrainingBackground:

BE GREAT Training & Development is an innovative company specialising in delivering bespoke training solutions tailored to work around the needs of their clients. The philosophy of the company is to make training an engaging experience.

‘Our training is delivered in an interactive way, we believe people learn more through active interaction and our approach makes training an engaging experience that avoids ‘death by PowerPoint’. Hiten Bhatt, Director, BE GREAT Training

BE GREAT Training joined the MSDUK network with the intention of meeting new clients and developing as a business. Through the MSDUK Network, BE GREAT Training came to contact with a number of Ethnic Minority Businesses (EMBs’) that required soft skills training solutions for their workforce.  


Recently BE GREAT Training have been working with other suppliers’ part of the MSDUK Network such as Precision FM and Synergy Organisational Solutions.    

‘We were approached by Precision FM at an MSDUK networking event to provide training for their core operations’ team. Our approach was to identify relevant areas and combine our training with the values of Precision FM’.

‘For Synergy Organisational Solutions we delivered training to their new staff on projects involved in the opening of two major contact centres for Hinduja Global Solutions (HGS)’. Hiten Bhatt, Director, BE GREAT Training.   


The training delivered by BE GREAT Training was tailored so it has minimal impact to day today duties and running of the business but maximum impact with the members who attended it found the training fun, informative and interesting’. Brij Thankey, Managing Director, Precision FM

After successfully engaging with other EMBs’ part of the network BE GREAT Training highlighted the importance of MSDUK in promoting member services.

‘The MSDUK network is absolutely invaluable and provides a brilliant opportunity to meet key people in various fields, I would say the advice is not to have a scatter-gun approach to networking, have a targeted approach, request who is attending the event beforehand’.

With this particular event with Precision FM we were given a platform from MSDUK to showcase some of our training in front of delegates at the event and we were approached by Precision FM to provide training for their staff. Hiten Bhatt, Director, BE GREAT Training