MSDUK EMB Executive Committee

Pic for websiteWith the General Election around the corner, MSDUK has been holding a very important vote of its own over the last few weeks.

In what could be one of the most important strategic decisions made to date to help grow the MSDUK network, we have appointed a new board of mentors and ambassadors.

The new Executive Committee of six entrepreneurs has been formed from within the network voted into their position by you.

There has been a long standing demand from all our suppliers for MSDUK to provide a platform for suppliers to voice their issues and concerns, contribute constructively to the growth of MSDUK and have a representation on the MSDUK board of directors.

We listened to these concerns and took this to our MSDUK Board of Directors who unanimously decided that this was a good idea for the continued growth of this unique network you are part of.

The aim and purpose of the Executive Committee is multi-faceted but ultimately can be broken down into three key areas.

  • Be the voice of EMBs within the network and represent your views and concerns to the MSDUK corporate network and the board of directors
  • Make effort to meet, listen and interact with all certified EMBs at various MSDUK events to get their feedback on every aspect of MSDUK’s operations as well as understand their needs and requirements for business growth
  • To act as MSDUK champions promoting the organisation within and outside of MSDUK network and help in recruitment of EMBs

You will be able to meet the Executive Committee at events and can discuss/share ideas/challenges/concerns with them.

Our advice to you is to use them wherever you can especially when you consider the collective business experience between them and they have been created for the purpose of helping you. The Executive Committee will now meet once a month.

Unsurprisingly, as we celebrate 10 years of MSDUK next year, we are hugely excited by what this new Executive Committee will bring.


London & South East:

Denise Nurse, CEO/Founder, Halebury

Naheed Afzal, Director, Contracts IT


Arnab Dutt, Managing Director, Texane

Reshma Sheikh, Director of Business Development, Octavian

Other :

Dee Patel, Director, Docuprint

Olu Joseph-Asikhia, Managing Director, Synergy Organisational Solutions