Don’t Just Spray and Pray


By Vernon Simpson of Nydes Management Company Limited

Spring has finally sprung and we are feeling energised. Everybody knows that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but as we discovered in the MSDUK’s breakfast meeting in the heart of London, it can be more enjoyable when your companions are like-minded people who are able to think outside of the box.
MSDUK’s second business breakfast meeting took place on 31st March 2015 in Bill’s Restaurant located in Covent Garden, which is famous for attracting the forward-thinking of the UK’s creative elite across a wide range of business sectors.

Everyone engaged actively in exchanging views in regards to common challenges facing their business and I would recommend anyone to attend the MSDUK breakfasts and to make it a key component of their networking strategy.

“You’ll find it to be an informal and friendly gathering of like-minded professionals, meeting over a delicious cooked breakfast in a relaxed and good-humoured atmosphere. Consistently relevant and informative topics were raised during the session. Among them was the use of social media, what to do the win contracts and scale up your business for growth. Ideas were exchanged regarding the newest trends in social media and their uses in the business world for growth. We had the opportunity to explore answers to the question: “Do we really understand social media or know what it does?

New or Social Media is on everyone’s lips, we hear references to Twitter, Facebook, Linked-In and other new media tools on a daily basis but how important it is these days to establish presence in social media?

The point I made during a discussion with my peers was that if you are going to use these tools to win contracts, you have to make yourself different from your competitors; you must have a USP and a great value proposition. In addition, you must be strong enough to pick the right opportunities, and not default to a “spray and pray” approach.

I stressed that the “spray and pray” approach was not a particularly smart way to expand any business .What I find predominantly for businesses failing to grow is because they have not invested time and resources dedicated to creating and delivering a compelling value proposition.

In summary, our first London MSDUK breakfast provided us a good opportunity to network and exchange views on important business issues . As they say, you do not generate new business or improve your business by sitting in your office.

Until the next time.

Vernon Simpson, Nydes Business and Executive Coach