MSDUK Supplier helps Global Investment Bank with Ebola Requirement

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Brocks Compass, an MSDUK certified Supplier was shortlisted and chosen by an MSDUK Corporate Member – a Global Investment Bank to provide respiratory masks in case of an emergency with regards to the current Ebola outbreak.

Ebola is spread by direct contact with contaminated body fluids. Blood, vomit and saliva can all carry and spread the deadly virus however the virus cannot breach protective gear, such as gloves, mask/face shield, a full body suit and tough rubber wellington boots.

The Requirement:

The client required circa 60,000 FFP3 Respiratory Masks to replace their old stock. They needed to make sure that they could cover their staff in case of a pandemic outbreak.

Sourcing the Correct Supplier:

“We found out about Brocks Compass by leveraging the MSDUK database, which we often refer to when sourcing goods and services. We also emailed our contacts in MSDUK and they were able to supply us a list of suppliers who could provide the goods.”   We chose Brocks Compass because they were the supplier who could provide us with the goods in the urgent time line we had at a competitive price point. They were also able to ship to our regional offices across EMEA and provided surgical masks as well in case we needed to buy these in the near future.” 

Quote from Client’s Executive Director

The Outcome:

Brocks Compass were able to source the correct products and deliver them to multiple locations within the limited timeframe.

“We had to source the masks which proved quite difficult at first due to the current Ebola crisis as stocks were being depleted quickly and being exported out of the UK. We managed to find a partner to work with and be able to still offer a competitive price.” “We supplied the client with the product information following which they placed an order for 46,800 masks to be delivered to their storage location. Our partner has manufactured the masks to order for the client and they have since ordered a further 11,352 masks to be delivered to their various EMEA offices.”

Ricky Patel, Director, Brocks Compass